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So as it has already been mentioned previously that the current format of the Westpac Attitude AMEX cards are closing up shop and transitioning to the AMEX issued Westpac credit cards.


Does this mean holding one of those will exclude you from future AMEX sign up bonuses as it would mean you are an existing customer who currently hold an AMEX card rather than being eligible because its a Bank issued card since its no longer bank issued?

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After speaking with AMEX, my understanding is that yes, as you'd hold a card product issued directly by AMEX AU (even Westpac-branded), you may not qualify for sign-up bonuses on other cards like Qantas Ultimate, for example.


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I currently have Westpac Earth Black cards with an annual spent of circa $120k per year - mostly Amex.

I received the letter a few months ago about my Westpac AMEX no longer being available from 4 April, however have never received an invitation to apply for an AMEX Westpac card.

I contacted Westpac yesterday by phone as 4 April is fast approaching and was simply told invitations are only going to 'eligible' customers. When I questioned the definition of 'eligible' she advised that couldn't be shared with me.

I really just want to know whether an invite is coming and if I should wait or instead apply for another card direct with Amex.

I'd have thought my spend would make me a valuable customer - Westpac haves fully waived my Earth fee for decades which has kept me loyal.

Could I not be eligible because I pay the balance in full each month without fail so never pay interest? Or, perhaps I'm not eligible as I already hold a card direct with American Express - it is just a fee free one I can have on Apple Pay for those occasions I've forgotten my wallet - the annual spent is only a few hundred dollars.

Any ideas?



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Has anyone received invitation from Amex, like David I have another Amex and never received an invitation nor being contacted.


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Doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason – I have an old Westpac Krisflyer Amex and my son an Altitude Black Amex. We both have similar income and both pay off cards each month. He got an invite for an Amex card, I didn’t. Neither of us have cards with Amex directly.


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Chris, I contacted Amex and they gave clear advice that taking up the new Amex Westpac offer would NOT count as an Amex card and thus would not preclude one from applying for an Amex card in the future that had a big sign- up bonus. This appears to directly contradict earlier advice given to you. Are you able

to confirm what the real story is? The outcomes could make
a lot of difference to whether it is worth getting one of the new Amex Westpac cards 😏

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The information I've been given by American Express is as already posted above. The T&Cs usually preclude bonus points when a cardholder already has (or has held in the past 18 months) any card issued by American Express Australia. The new Westpac-branded cards are issued by American Express Australia.

If AMEX is telling you otherwise, I'd suggest you get them to put this in writing, so that if any future bonus points don't turn up, you can prove you were told they'd be available.

Also just to clarify - we don't provide "financial advice" on this site. As journalists, we can share factual information about any topic with an audience (that's our job, after all), but the information we present and share shouldn't be taken as "financial advice". :)

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