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  • I found the same price variance with a domestic QF flight recently. I telephoned the AMEX travel number and the agent booked it for me, using my $450 annual credit, matching the price on the QF website. She advised at the time the prices should be the same.

  • I connected to QF9 via Melbourne, originating in Sydney, a few weeks ago due to a significant delay to my originally booked direct flight. The customer service officer in Sydney dug around in his draw and put the orange D sticker on my MEL-PER boarding pass.

  • Westpac Amex to Amex Westpac

    Mar 07, 2018, 09:25 AM

    I currently have Westpac Earth Black cards with an annual spent of circa $120k per year - mostly Amex. I received the letter a few months ago about my Westpac AMEX no longer being available from 4 April, however have never received an invitation to apply for an AMEX Westpac card. I contacted West...

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