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Neil R

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Hi - flew out of Sydney 2 weeks ago, and had noticed the service of the Etihad lounge had dropped. 

Firstly, when I sat down there were no menus.  It took some time to explain that I wanted to order dinner.  Eventually, when the menu came out I asked for a meal and a drink, I was told everything was self-service except for the main items on the menu.  A couple next to me told me they had the same issue, and gave up and just went and got themselves of cheese from the buffet. 

Now I know this is a first world issue, however one of the selling points for me to start using Eithad was there Sydney lounge (it always felt like a mini first Qantas 1st class lounge) , and while it can get busy was a great place to eat and get organised so I could sleep on the plane.  Has anyone else seen a drop in service at the lounge, or was it just some staff having a bad day?  



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from what all the blogs are saying it seems that the service has dropped in most lounges. probably due to etihad going into cost cutting most.


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Yes, it’s a shame, it’s similar everywhere. Flew Dublin to Melbourne recently, lounges in both cities both showing big signs of cost-cutting. Food is a shadow of its former self. Dublin used to have a beautiful breakfast menu, now it’s a buffet. Melbourne menu is much tighter than when it first launched, and the cocktail menu is gone.  


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I have been to Dublin over the past two years and concur with previous comments. I too was looking forward to the beautiful breakfast. No doubt there is a mark decline.Talking to staff it appears the A380 may be withdrawn from Melbourne. 

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Talking to staff it appears the A380 may be withdrawn from Melbourne. 

Correct: announced in April and taking effect from October.

Etihad drops Airbus A380, first class 'Apartments' from Melbourne


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Just told the only food comes from the buffet...

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