Seats getting smaller, people getting bigger.

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Its not a matter of being PC, I pay for a seat and its not unreasonable to be able to use the space I have paid for


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Just make all aircraft seats first class. Charge accordingly.


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I’m curious on why an overweight person is always sitting in the middle seat. There’s always a story from someone saying they had an overweight person sitting in the middle.

But seriously, I’ve never had to sit next to an overweight person before, only people who stretch into my personal space, so I’m not as angered by some people here.


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You see a lot of articles about how larger passengers were "humiliated" or "discriminated against" by the airlines, but you never read an article about someone who has had to endure hours of being squished into 50% of their seat.

I have seen a few, including this one:


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I see many complaints about being squashed from the side .... yet the overriding opinion is that it's OK to recline your seat into the space in front of me !!!

I deal with that now by not booking seats in Economy but obviously the problem remains for those seated further back.

Surely we're all entitled to sit largely upright for the duration of the flight .... or am I in the minority for believing this ??


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It's an interesting one.

I'm a big unit. I'm 6'5, and 150kgs, built like a rugby player. I don't overspill my seat, and though I did inherit my mum's child bearing hips, they're all bone. I've found I have to take into consideration the seat width just to fit in - i.e, back in 2009, an 8 hour EK flight on a 777 (i think 200, might have been a 3, but if someone wants to check the assigned aircraft on EK8 on December 6 2009, go ahead), and I just couldn't fit comfortable in the seat. I've got some gut, but that wasn't the issue. God bless the A340 and A380 at that time, that's for sure.

That's where a BMI calculator is absolutely boned - I only take up my seat but that would screw me over

An extra inch would be nice, and I am absolutely for people who overflow, being encouraged to pay for the seat(s) they fill, but if it's on BMI there would be massive issues because of the fact that once you're above a certain height, it's kookery at best.

I do like the idea of a scale stick, or something, to measure the widest point of a person, and apportion that to a seat, however. It would measure the literal real-estate you take up, and if it's more than one seat worth, by all means, pay for it.


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As an ex-rugby (union, it's different...) player, who has not shrunk (106kg), and with many friends with the same issue who are significantly taller, wider etc we do not go out of our way to make anyone else's life difficult, however, when you need to throw the 20kg door out of the plane, I guess we'll be the ones doing the throwing if the flight goes 'pear shaped'.

Also, a number of friends who are 205cm and 125kg+ would kindly ask that you don't recline your seats on short flights from SYD-MEL-BNE etc as not everyone gets to sit in the front and the extra seat in the knee's is not good for neighbourly relationship, actually the same is for we short(ish) people as well.

By the way, BMI is not really a great measure for anything, as I am apparently obese...


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A very interesting subject and I'm not really sure what the answer is or if there's a reasonable solution for all. Recently flew Jetstar Melbourne to Brisbane on an A320. I had the window seat and there were two ladies beside. The young lady in the aisle seat (as politely as I can say it was largish) and I was amazed when she had her own extra lap sash belt extension to use. Having not seen that before, I'm wondering if there is a protocol for testing and maintenance, compliance etc. as opposed to the airline provided belts on the flight?

Anyway, the poor lady in the middle seat was very uncomfortable for the flight and couldn't sit straight. I tried to lean towards the window as much as I could but this isn't an adequate situation. To attempt to go to the toilet would have caused issue and I had grave concerns during the flight if we needed to get out in a hurry, as to whether this would be possible.

I wish I could afford Business class for the personal flights I take but are relegated to Economy and most flights are max 2-3hours. Along with my work organised flights, regularly fly Economy Qantas or Virgin and travel every couple of weeks lately across range of aircraft.

Today's flight on Qantas 737-838, the chair was so small in the back that my head was fully clear of the head rest, before adjustment. I had to lean forward and down each time to look out the window. Im unsure of which call sign it was but the overhead bins were the older style. I haven't had this before and are trying to figure out what's different or why this Qantas plane was different? Compared to recent VA and Jetstar trips in past fortnight, this wasn't an issue or something that I noticed, yet I believe Qantas is supposed to have the better seat.


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As one who is above average height & weight ( 2.0m & 120kg) over spill concerns me and I try to keep to my little piece of assigned real estate where ever possible.That said it really pisses me off when I see the shorties in exit row seats so sure something can be done about that issue as well

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