Qantas lounge dress code - tightening up from November??

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I visited the Qantas lounge in Singapore yesterday and was told that from the end of the month it's no longer possible for MEN to wear shorts in Qantas lounges.  The lounge member indicated that this had always been the case and they were merely going to strictly enforce it from the end of the month.  My understanding was beachwear (ie. boardshorts) are a no-go but dress shorts and a polo were ok - instead pants + t-shirt will keep them happy.

The poor fellow had to explain it to virtually everyone coming in, including an older couple who couldn't seem to understand that it would be ok for her to keep wearing shorts but the husband would have to wear pants from now on. 

The lounge member indicated that this was published on the Qantas website but I can't seem to find anything indicating the sharper rules? 

Anyone else encountering this at other lounges?


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Gotta keep the riff-raff out, no matter how much they've paid...


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No Shorts in Singapore. Are you serious ? I wear smart shorts to meeting's when I'm there. Luckily the Emirates flight from Melbourne works the best for me so I'll stick to that for the time being so long as the Emirates Lounge don't mind my shorts


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That's a bit silly in a tropical climate.

If you are wearing shoes not thongs I agree to shorts.
maybe wear you J Pjs

HAvent QF got serious issues to deal with



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Im a regular visitor to the Qantas Singapore lounge and the dress standard has dropped. Just a few week ago I saw a family of 4 come in all wearing shorts and the 2 kids were wearing thongs. The farther was in shorts, tshirt and open sandles. The people wearing shorts in the lounge is ok but old t-shirts that i would not clean my car with is not a good look. Qantas, Yes I would like to see the dress standard improved in all lounges.

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I can't see the sense in not allowing shorts in Singapore of all places, but I do feel there's room for a dress standard to permit 'dress shorts' or at the very least apply an overall standard of clothing being clean and presentable, rather people turning up as if they're at the footie. This is an airport lounge – a shared 'public' space – not a backyard BBQ.


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I think shorts with a polo as an example would be most appropriate, particularly in Singapore. I am all for dress codes, but they need to factor geographic locations when enforcing them.


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They bought their tickets, they knew what they were getting into, I say, make them wear something half decent!

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who cares what other people wear? dont sweat the small stuff


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Hmmm... I always wear dress shorts and a polo or shirt when travelling longhaul.. and often flip flops in the warmer countries. Would hate to be in transit, looking for a shower, and be told no deal due to a dress code...


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I assume Qantas is fine with "business casual" in the lounge.

At the major multinational company where I work in a team where I am but a lowly Silver amidst several Golds and Plats, I generally wear a t-shirt or polo shirt and shorts to the office for most of October to April. (At least one of my colleagues will happily wear shorts even in the middle of a Canberra winter - I can't recall ever seeing him wear anything more formal-looking in the 2 years I've worked with him.)

If I can wear it to work at my Fortune 100, I guess that means it must count as business casual and must be okay for the lounge, right?

More seriously - I can agree with asking people to look generally presentable, and perhaps that could include a hard requirement when it comes to footwear, but in Singapore of all places I think one shouldn't be hassled about shorts alone.


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yet in the domestic business lounges it appears to be OK for women to wear yogawear from top to bottom (including running shoes)


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Damn! My valet hates ironing my tuxedo but as I'm flying BNE > CNS on QF business class I guess we'll have no option.


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I think smart shorts are fine in the tropics. no need to be so melodramatic.

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