Qantas full flex, bumped to Virgin?

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Qantas will always honour original booked routing for SC and points.

I had connecting flights on AA that were changed to flights that earned less, but they still credit the original booking class and routing.


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I had an experience this week with Qantas cancelling flights from Melbourne to Hobart. I had purchased a flex economy flight from Perth to Hobart during a double points and double credit status offer period in order to get over the line and retain gold. I had a call from Qantas 90mins before the departure but couldn't answer it straight away. I returned the call but was told the queue (at 0630 Perth time) was 15 mins long. Despite requesting a call back it never eventuated. On check in I was told that Qantas had leased a Jetstar plane for the Melbourne Hobart leg and no they would give me a QF flight no. When I get back to Perth I'm going to ask for the status credits as if the flight had been flown by Qantas as I was relying on those to renew my gold. What do you think my chances are?

Email the ff dept with yr concern and original booking number- they'll probably give you the gold. They sometimes retain status without achieving all status points required.


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Maybe they saw your gold status and decided it would be nicer to put you on a better airline.

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Interesting, it sounds like the same day Qantas pulled a 737 domestic plane out from use and used it on SYD to Wellington. One of the Jetconnect (QF-NZ). planes was inoperable after inbound from NZ.

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I’m not sure what the complaint is - they moved you to the next available flight, which happened to be with another airline. As mentioned above, QF will credit you points and Status Credits if asked.


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Status Credits and points have been awarded based upon my original flight booking and just in time for me to renew my gold. Thank you Qantas and to everyone who posted encouragement.


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Nice work kathbirk

I haven’t heard from QF regarding my query and my points and status haven’t changed either. Their email said 3 weeks to respond.


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Ok so I had a phone call today apologising for not only changing my flight to Virgin but also for taking so long to contact me.

They say they sent me an sms (usually I always get them but definitely not this time) and said that despite having more flights that day they were all full and that’s why I ended up on Virgin.

Whether I paid on a red-e-deal or full Flexi it would have made no difference. Status didn’t seem to make a difference either but she didn’t exactly phrase it that way.

The points and status credits for my original routing will appear in another week.

Gotta say I’m glad for the call but it’s 3 weeks since it happened and another week for points to be earned. Not really impressed but glad someone finally made contact with me.

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