DFW-SYD QF Consistency question

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For AusBT travellers who have done the DFW-SYD QF service, how consistent is this service in your experience? do they depart on time/arrive on time into SYD? Have you experienced cancellations etc? I have booked in for this service and i have a very important meeting on the day of arrival. I want to cross check if i should plan around LAX (as they have few flight options into SYD) if things don't go well.


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My experience so far has been ok with no cancellations. On my trip in April I got a message from Qantas about my return flight coming back to Sydney and that it had to go via Brisbane as the flight to Sydney the day before was cancelled. They had to load the aircraft up with additional passengers and freight and hence stop in Brisbane to refuel.


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If you have an important meeting... your best bet is to fly a day earlier. All it takes is a sick passenger or an A380 to go tech and you are buggered.

Otherwise, LAX will give you some more options, but it still not foolproof. If the QF12 to SYD goes tech and has a delay, there may not be spare seats to get you on the QF flights to MEL/BNE. There is also unlikely to be enough time to get you onto to another carrier as most flights leave around the same time.

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Google Flightaware QF8

This month it has been diverted to Brisbane 3 times. But every other day going back a couple months, it looks to have arrived before 7AM each time


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If the winds get up then they divert to Brisbane to refill. I've had it a couple of times. Best to fly a day earlier.


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Are you originating in Dallas? If not, your inbound flight may be the issue, especially during the winter due to inclement weather in other destinations causing delays. I've been delayed twice due to snow out of Denver which caused me to wait in Dallas for 24hrs.

The good news is that due to weight restrictions, there are always 100+ free seats in economy which can make this class of travel bearable.



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Also in economy you can buy (from time-to-time a row of three empty seats) in the lounge for Gold and Plats for $200 for DFW to Syd. Thus they get a bit more income for their 100 empty seats. I use the DFW flight a lot and it tends to be a little early or on time into Dallas with fast immigration processing (a quite time of day). Once it was an hour late and they had re-booked everybody onto a later flights.

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Flown few syd more times than I care to recap. Very few flight delay issues everr. However the chaos that is transferring in and has certainly caused delays / confusion / angst.

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