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QF PER-SYD J class.

Hey folks, a quick question for a QF J class transcontinental novice!

Do QF still roster any long haul config aircraft between PER and SYD? Just want to select a flight with one of these birds if they do!

Thanks in advance.


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I flew to Perth last week on QF583 and returned on QF 566, both flights were international config A330 with the old skybeds.


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Yes they do, but they don't distinguish between international and domestic A330-200s in their schedule. If you can, book a 747 or A330-300 flight (which are all international aircraft) otherwise you might end up with an international or domestic product.


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Hi, Qantas is currently flying about 4 different configurations on its A330 aircraft so it is confusing which is which. They are currently changing their transcontinental A330 product (bewteen Sydney and Melbourne to Perth) that will be refitted on all their domestic A330s by the end of 2014. Read more in AusBT's article.  Alan Joyce did say that he might want to change that seat to something more international grade, and I hope he does! Note, starting mid 2013, Sydney and Melbourne to Perth will be A330-only while Brisbane to Perth are 767-only.


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Hi, Its a bit of a lottery. If I was flying to Perth I would look at the booking overview and choose at least a non 737-800 or 767 aircraft. If you a flying the red-eye I think is is generally a A330.

I am yet to try the Virgin A330 but I have heard good things about it.

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