Luggage - Hard vs Soft Case

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My Antler soft-sided 2-wheeler is still going strong after 20 years of many international trips.

The soft-sided bags don't crack open when dropped by baggage handlers, and they keep on expanding as much as required, especially if there's an expansion zipper. And 2-wheelers let you pull your bag across cobblestones without too much trauma. Most importantly, the 2-wheelers don't start moving off by themselves if you leave them on a surface that has even a mild slope.

+1 for two-wheelers, especially in international carry-on size (115cm).

The fool who once had to chase a runaway four-wheeler down the rather steep footpath on Bathurst St in Sydney's CBD.


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Yep, also hate 4-wheelers due to cobblestones and run-aways.


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I know this is a conversation abotu hard verse soft but I am surprised nobody has mentioned Tumi - I have three now, one for longer trips to check in and one for shorter domestic trips to carry on-board as well as a standard briefcase. While expensive, for regular travellers hard to beat as you never have problems with wheels, zips or anything else


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Has anyone looked at Lojel? Currently weighing up the Cubo they make. Require something I can inconspicuously carry camera gear in a hard shell that doesn’t zip in the Centre ie open in halves.


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If you replace your luggage in the UK, get an "IT Luggage" if you want soft, light and strong. Roll your clothes. If you want hard, make sure it has an expansion zip. Open it up, pack your case, close the expansion zip. No more crushed clothes!


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I've always used soft bags and have never had a problem with them (apart from an airline sending one in the opposite direction to where I was going).

I used to have a 2 wheeler but have recently changed to a very lightweight 4 wheeler and I'm very happy with the result.


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I have used Samsonite for years both check-in and carry-on. Carry-on's are excellent but relatively expensive. The biggest problem with the check-ins are the zips. However, with Samsonites good warranty they were replaced for nothing.


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I avoid zips if I can nowadays - even the best of them were prone to getting stuck - even the Delsey double security zips. For checking in we now have some Samsonite Tru-Frame spinners which have stood up very well to a lot of flights. They have a flexible hard shell and latch closures instead of zips. No problem of rain seeping in like used to happen with zips, and very secure. No wheel breakages either. Plus they're quite light for their size. I really like them

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I have soft-side mainly, but I also have one hard-side. The hard-side is IT brand, an expander--the main disadvantage is that it doesn't fit on the luggage racks in hotels, so I need to open it on the bed. The case I usually take with me is a soft-side and a couple of years ago, the zip broke. It was replaced under warranty and has been OK since. I like the outside pockets as I can get my 'washable squashable' sun hat in there and also a newspaper or magazine (yes, I know that's old-fashioned, but I don't like reading them online).


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I use a full set of Samsonite secure deluxe hard shell cases and they are in indistructable.

My most commonly used size had been on 50 + flights and it doesn’t have a scratch.

They use 3 clips instead of zippers which saves a lot of stress and time and the main clip has a built in combination lock so you don’t have to screw around getting the zipper pulls in to the locks like a conventional zipper case.

The internal restrainers on the Deluxe Model are more like large flaps that cover the whole internal section with built in water proof punches for a small amount of toiletries.

I think they are definetly worth checking out. You can only get the deluxe models overseas though or you can order online from places like selfridges in London.


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Samsonite seem to own just about everybody these days. I started using American Tourister when I lived in Japan and my favourite is a hard shell 4-wheeler which survives the baggage handlers well. The inside zipped compartment keeps all my clothes neatly folded and the other half takes shoes, toiletriesl, electricals etc. it works for me and has maintained excellent appearance over 18 months.


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For cruises and flights, I swear by Rimowa. I use both the aluminium, which has a "clam shell" more secure closing with combination and key locks. Yes, you get dents - though I recommend you always give your luggage the once over at the carousel. (I logged a really bad dent on my Rimowa to the airline, who asked me to go to their luggage repairer, who said he could not repair the luggage. Ultimately, the airline reimbursed a new Rimowa aluminium suitcase, and I kept the old one, as it was still useful, just very dented on one spot.) I also use the Rimowa Salsa Air polycarbonate cabin suitcase, which is just brilliant, and weighs only 1.3kgs empty. Yes, they cost $$$, but you can order them cheaper overseas for delivery here, and with normal handling (not the extraordinary drop that happened to one of mine) this luggage will last you a lifetime of travelling.


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I've tried Samsonite 72 hour bag but find for me Victorinox Spectra hard sided carry on has the better and bigger Wheels and therefore is easier to move around in my view
I bought one at Macey's and the other one in Sydney and it was much cheaper here
Victorinox customer service is very good
Crumpler have a great messenger bag Flock of Horror which I use in tandem with my Spectra


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My advice from someone who does over 100 flights a year... don’t waste money on checked luggage unless you’re filthy rich. Checked luggage gets absolutely destroyed by the airlines. I use American Tourister for checked luggage, $130 hard case suitcase will last me 2 years and then illl throw it out and buy again.

I only spend good money on carry on baggage, as it remains in good condition even after many years.


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I have been using the Japanese luggage brand Lojel.

I have two of these cases and have had no issues at all. Both hard cases, very sturdy and seem to be well made.

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