Luggage - Hard vs Soft Case

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That's the other way to go!


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I have soft cases and use Victorinox a few years ago had some issues with zips on my Victorinox cases , and the Company who represent Victorinox, replaced both cases no questions asked and had them delivered to my home, now that is not only great service but an excellent warranty for LIFE.


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I swear by the Rimowa Salsa Air. It doesn’t get much publicity because Rimowa wants to sell more of their more expensive aluminium suitcases. I have cabin luggage and larger suitcases from the range and they have been on 40+ long haul trips. The plastic shell scratches but it doesn’t break and they still work like on the first day (wheels, handle telescope mechanisms, locks). They also weigh less than half of their Topas range equivalents and EVERY gram counts with luggage when you use it often and on top the Salsa air is much cheaper.

I’ve had more than one bell porter tell me that it’s their favourite luggage - no other rolls as smoothly they say and rolling dozens of suitcases every day they must know a thing or two.

Lastly, one of the first posts on this thread states that Rimowa and Samsonite have the same owners. That is and has never been the case.


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I bought a set of American Tourister hard shell a few years back. They've been to Ireland, England, all over America and to Sydney and Brisbane. Still going strong and no issues at all.Of course they get marked through being tossed around by baggage handlers, but the cases themselves are sturdy. 4 wheels still swing in all directions, locks and zips still run smoothly. I wouldn't go back to soft.


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Depends on how you treat your luggage. My Rimowas are my workhorse. Never complain about them. I own aluminium models - Classic Flight and Topas. They offer 5-year WORLDWIDE warranty so you can send to their shops they will fix wheels and hammer the shape back to you.

FYI get your Rimowa in Europe. Australia is twice the price you have in Germany. Sorry.

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