• Loved this article, I would love to see more like this from you.

  • I agree complete with the two prior comments but I think it may be easier for Qantas as they have a lot more weight to throw around in Oneworld than virgin would have as a new member.

  • Forgive me if I read that wrong but will I be able to acessit on my windows PC?

  • I would love if you could select your preferred language on your entertainment screen and it would only then feed through that language. Then return to whatever you were watching when the other languages are playing.

  • Go to any domestic flight and it’s clear already that Qantas cannot organise priority boarding for the current PAX who are meant to. If priority boarding actually worked as advertised then by all means do it. Until they can figure that out though there is no point.

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  • Hi Everyone, Good news, I have just rung China Eastern again about this issue and it looks like they have finally addressed it. They said that QG, QP & QP1 members have access domestically to their China Eastern operated lounges. (Not Skyteam operated) The company has issued a memo on the sec...

  • Luggage - Hard vs Soft Case

    May 09, 2018, 05:55 PM

    I use a full set of Samsonite secure deluxe hard shell cases and they are in indistructable. My most commonly used size had been on 50 + flights and it doesn’t have a scratch. They use 3 clips instead of zippers which saves a lot of stress and time and the main clip has a built in combinati...

  • A little bit off topic but I have been upgraded multiple times without asking or giving any points with CX and I’m QF gold.

  • Im so glad someone has opened this discussion up. I was just about to. It is a shocking system on the China Eastern side. I think the Qantas staff understand the partnership well but when trying to get in to a China Eastern lounge, the staff treat you like an idiot who is trying to sneak in, its ...

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