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Has anyone had a poor experience with China Eastern recognising the priority check-in, lounge access, and priority boarding that Qantas Gold and Platinum FFs are supposed to be awarded?

I just returned from a trip flying SYD-PVG and SHA-PEK return on MU ticketed flights, and ran into numerous issues with them acknowledging status benefits.
We were denied lounge access at 3 of the lounges at SHA, and finally gained access on the fourth try when they seemed to give up arguing with me and simply let us in.
The same occurred on return, where we were sent to multiple lounges at PEK before someone knew what the go was and let us in.
On flying out of PVG, we were denied priority check-in because apparently we had to be QF ticketed on the MU flight (I don't believe that's the case...).
Just curious if anyone else has tried or had similar experiences. I tried pulling up the rules but they were in English so made the situation all the more confusing for the MU staff.


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I am Qantas Gold and had issues at PVG on a domestic leg to PEK. Was an economy leg MU ticketed but combined with QF ticketed business fares SYD to PVG and PEK to SYD. I had checked on lounge access and it’s pretty clear on QF website that Gold and above QF FF are entitled to check in at business counters and access the lounge. Had no issues at the counters but the lounge was another matter. At bottom of escalators there was an attendant that didn’t speak English and tried to turn us away but they gave up when I wouldn’t take no for an answer. At the main reception area there were 4 or 5 staff, again none who spoke English and like downstairs tried to deny entry and didn’t seem to even know what Qantas was. Persisted for about 15 minutes before they finally got out some piece of paper that had the Qantas membership tiers and then compared to my membership card. After that they agreed that me and my guest were entitled to access the lounge.


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The China Eastern lounges at PVG are probably the worst I've been in . Always overcrowded, limited food and beverages and totally Chinese oriented. Only benefit is for some flights they load Bus Class passengers directly from the lounge onto dedicated C.E buses when the aircraft are on a stand- which is most of the time!!


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I have never been allowed lounge access with China Eastern - have checked in at Priority with no problem though but I think that is because they just could not be bothered sending me to the Economy line when I get to the counter rather then actually "legally" allowing it


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The relationship between Qantas and China Eastern is flawed to the point where I now refuse to use them. I have experienced all the issues noted above with the additional frustration of being charged excess baggage that is within my QP allowance but not recognised by CE.

I fly to Shanghai regularly from Perth and now use Cathay


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Im so glad someone has opened this discussion up. I was just about to.

It is a shocking system on the China Eastern side. I think the Qantas staff understand the partnership well but when trying to get in to a China Eastern lounge, the staff treat you like an idiot who is trying to sneak in, its embarrassing.

I have searched for clear documentation of the rules on the China Eastern site and even rang them and had no luck. I am not sure if Aubt would know where we could find it as they are pretty resourceful.

I agree with the comment above, when possible fly Cathay, they are a much better airline, their lounges are 10 times better and you never have any trouble getting in to the lounges. That and the fact that you cant use mobile phones even on flight mode on China Eastern flights drives me insane. Time to bring the rules in to the 21st century I think.


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They are changing the rules to phones being allowed on but yes it is a bit backward or you can say they are overly sensitive. I have had to go through full body scanners like sometimes when you get picked out to do at BNE international when departing just to get on the local metro here. So yes it is different.

By the way you should realise mainland chinese airlines treat their members pretty poorly. I am with CI (Taiwan) and I always am amazed at the differences. I can use the first class lounges in Taiwan which is better than the business class lounges however if I was a China Southern top ranking member I would be actually get a poorer lounge compared to what business class passengers pay for. Still beats sitting outside with the masses though.

By far the business(they call it first class like USA) domestic lounges have more space more food options than the member lounges and etc.. Still I am not complaining as usually Skyteam members don't usually get any lounge access unless within 24hrs of an international flight but CI members get in even on purely domestic trips.

It is also amazing sometimes they don't even know or don't work out when I say I am a China Airlines member they sometimes think Air China (Beijing based) and so try to deny me as well. But I have no choice and I think China Southern might be the better one even if ever so slightly.


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I've had similar experiences with China Eastern not recognising QF Platinum status. I've used priority checkin but they do look perplexed and the same with priority boarding. Lounge access almost never happens though they ain't exactly oases of calm.

Also, when I've transferred in PVG to a china domestic flight, even on a QF flight number, the transfer signage doesn't list qantas. It lists all SkyTeam partners but not QF. Luckily they seem to accept me using the transfer path but wouldn't it be lovely if this partnership actually worked?

Maybe this thread could be the catalyst!?

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A very interesting discussion here!

Given that this partnership is now over a year old, we'd be interested to learn of more experiences when flying with China Eastern as a Qantas Frequent Flyer member - particularly issues with accessing premium benefits (e.g. check-in, lounge, boarding), so please continue sharing your experiences here (positive or negative), and when we have a decent number, we'll bring these to Qantas' attention to see exactly what's going on and when it'll work as advertised. :)


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I'm flying China Eastern in the coming weeks from PVG to Singapore. If I am on a ticketed QF flight does anyone know if I can still gain access to the Qantas lounge at PVG airport (Or the lounge that Qantas use?)

This is my first time using China Eastern


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I’m a Qantas gold and I’m about to have a few domestic MU flights from WUH, and a google search of lounge access lead me to this discussion. I’m a native Chinese migrated here decade ago, so I tried to look up any information regarding QF partner benefits in Chinese but can’t find anything. This partnership sounds to me very similar to VA’s recognition with its own ‘alliance’, that is no one really knows exactly what the partnership and benefits is on the other side. Also the name Qantas doesn’t really mean anything in Chinese and most of the domestic staff wouldn’t know Qantas but rather AoHang (literally translates to Australian Airline), so they may know the partnership with AoHang, but not really sure about this Qantas. Unfortunately given the number of routes and destinations MU fly into domestically, if things cannot work well in Shanghai, I doubt any benefits will exist in second or third tier cities.


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This week I’ve done Hong Kong to Hangzhou and Hangzhou to Chengdu. Both times I’ve had to argue at check in to get my ff number on the boarding pass, both times they have repeated “not skyteam” and pointed at my card for a while before giving up and entering the number.

I think China eastern need to communicate the rules to their staff.

Another annoyance was at Hangzhou I had a J ticket and they directed me to one of the lounges, where entry was denied. I realized it was a China southern lounge, but still skyteam. By the time I’d walked to the other end of the airport I was told I needed to board so no lounge time just a stroll.

I’ve had similar disagreements with China southern regarding QF lounge access so I think it’s just China.


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Does anyone from Qantas customer service read these posts?

I am a platinum and lifetime gold FF and have also experienced issues with China Eastern. It is great that Qantas are providing additional benefits to its very large customer base, but when that additional benefit if such a challenge to take advantage of due to poor internal communication then it actually has a negative impact. Would someone with authority within Qantas please ensure that your 'partners' at China Eastern know and understand what you have communicated to your loyal customers so that we can all actually benefit from what has been announced.


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Hi Everyone,

Good news, I have just rung China Eastern again about this issue and it looks like they have finally addressed it.
They said that QG, QP & QP1 members have access domestically to their China Eastern operated lounges. (Not Skyteam operated)

The company has issued a memo on the second of July 2018 confirming it. She informed that if they are hesitant to let you into the lounge to ask them to scan your QFF card is it is in their system. I am yet to try it out but I am hoping for the best.


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Would be good to have a copy of that communication linked here, so that we can print out and bring for reference.

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