• Is it just me, am I being a little precious, but I find the Qantas lounges in Hong Kong and particularly Singapore to be extremely boring, very ordinary food and very bland generally. I will always use alternate lounges such as BA in Singapore or Cathay in Hong Kong. Only real stand out lounges...

  • Always seems to work for International departures but almost never on domestic. In fact my last flight to Melbourne (from Sydney) I took the standard line as it was quicker with less people then the Business/Priority line. A bit like priority bag tags, but that is a story for another time I suppo...

  • Photos: Boeing 787 private jet

    Jun 24, 2016, 04:00 PM

    I have ordered two but my credit card limit only allowed for one. Times are tough:-)

  • I thought that Westpac did not allocate FF points for ATO payments anymore - is it correct that you can earn 0.75 Qantas points if you use Westpac Amex?

  • Your guide to Emirates lounge access

    Feb 26, 2016, 03:31 PM

    Cannot beat the Emirates Auckland lounge - especially compared to the Quantas Auckland lounge. I would almost rate the Emirates Auckland lounge on a par with Qantas First Class at Sydney - not better but a very very close second. Any idea when they are going to do somethign about that terrible Q...

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  • Priority Bag Tags

    Jul 16, 2018, 02:54 PM

    Not sure if this topic before but it is one with regards to luggage and priority tagging of luggage. I would be very interested to hear members views and thoughts on this as I am a Qantas Platinum member, have been for a few years, and always get my bag tagged with either a Business or Fi...

  • Luggage - Hard vs Soft Case

    May 09, 2018, 03:16 PM

    I know this is a conversation abotu hard verse soft but I am surprised nobody has mentioned Tumi - I have three now, one for longer trips to check in and one for shorter domestic trips to carry on-board as well as a standard briefcase. While expensive, for regular travellers hard to beat as you ...

  • Hong Kong Lounge Choice

    Apr 13, 2018, 03:08 PM

    If I am every flying out of HK with either Cathay, Qantas or Emirates I will always use one of the Cathay Lounges. As I am Qantas Platinum that allows me access to their First Class lounges and both Cathy Lounges beat Qantas hands down - in my opinion

  • I have never been allowed lounge access with China Eastern - have checked in at Priority with no problem though but I think that is because they just could not be bothered sending me to the Economy line when I get to the counter rather then actually "legally" allowing it

  • Quite a coincidence this article - I am Platinum and have been for quite a few years and was just thinking about this on my last return from O/S last week. Flew First from LAX with First tags and as usual, my bags came out well after many others and mixed in with the standard tagged bags. I do n...

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