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Hi all, a few queries on status maintenance and review dates for those who are more familiar!

My review date is 7 September 2018, with a second date listed in my account of 'Status Credits earnt since 21 September 2018'. I'll shortly (in June) meet the requirements to maintain Gold status for another 12 months.

Why are there two dates listed and what is the significance of the 21 September date?

Does the review date shift back to the date at which I earn the status credits with which I maintain Gold (i.e. in June) or does it stay at 7 September?

If not, and I fly on 21 and 23 September, will any status credits I earn count towards maintaining Gold 'next' year? i.e. not be wasted in trying to maintain Gold 'this' year which I already would have done.


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I've always thought that Status review dates were at the end of the month. Ah, but you don't mention which airline you're referring to. That would help.


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Given that you've posted this in the "Virgin Australia" section of the forums I'm thinking that it's safe to assume that you're talking about your VA status!

My review date, like yours, is a few days before the "status credits earned since..." date. I've assumed that the later date is the date at which I first started earning SC's after the review date. That's just my assumption so I'd be interested if anyone can confirm whether that's the case.
In my experience, no, the review date won't shift back -- it will stay at 7 September even if you earn enough points to maintain Gold well before then. In one sense, then, any extra SC's you earn after retaining Gold but before the review date are "wasted" -- in another sense they're not "wasted" as they're helping you to get closer to Platinum.


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Thanks - yes, VA/Velocity. Also interested if anyone can confirm the difference between the two dates as I'll be travelling exactly on that 21 September date and would rather I earn the status credits for the 'next' year.


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Your review date, is your review date. You'll find that on the earned since date would be when you first flew in the 17/18 membership year.


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I concur with previous posters that you can rely on your review date, rather than the displayed date, as the authoritative date, and any discrepancy should be able to be worked out with Velocity's call center. I've also had some variation across platforms for the status credits since date, although this has been fairly intermittent. Given the two week discrepancy, I'm guessing that Velocity IT is showing that date because it is the date your status is actually renewed. All of my renewals have occurred exactly 14 days after my review date, at the end of the "status review period"--so have all the renewals on the accounts I manage.

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