Mystery at Melb. apt.

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Good morning All, This may be a question from left field...

Does anybody know why an EK's A380 is parked & has been at the Northern end of MEL's N/S runway for over a month or so ??
Hope someone can shed some light. Thanks in advance.


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Think you'll find the rego changes everyday.

EK406 arrives 5.30am and EK407 departs 9pm.

The aircraft will sit away from the gates between 11 and 7 so as not to block them.

Similarly EK408 arrives 10pm and EK409 departs 5am



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Thanks for the explanation.



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With more planes being offloaded via buses then day long parking spaces for aircraft is further away


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I assume it's the A380 that previously did the MEL/AKL return. We have one parked in Brisbane all day now too.

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I noticed the EK A380 parked there last week. It does seem like a curious place to park, but there are extra large paved areas on the corners of taxiway B (near north end of runway 16/34) and taxiway K (south end of 16/34). These may have been designed to allow an aircraft on the taxiway to do a 180-degree turn and backtrack, perhaps if the runway were to be blocked. In the early days of the JQ Boeing 787s I noticed one of them was also parked at the north end of the field for long periods.


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It’s a great view of an A380 if you are driving past that’s for sure.

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