Let down by VA wheelchair service

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My wife and I travel VA quite a lot, including trans-Tasman. She uses a wheelchair at airports as she is unable to walk long distances or stand for long periods. Usually it all goes seamlessly, but not this time - her first time needing a VA chair at Brisbane. She booked one several weeks prior to a recent flight from Brisbane to N.Z. in J class, and this had been confirmed in an email from VA. She was let down by a failure of service by VA, who do their own mobility arrangements at BNE. At check-in the chair was unavailable for a further 20 minutes: the reason was that "unfortunately" (that is, for Mrs Tommygun not VA) there were not enough staff available to help. We were directed to wait by the ticket desk. There is no seating provided there, and all nearby seats were taken. Is it so hard to realize that someone in my wife's situation should not be left to stand for so long, whatever their class of travel? After 20 minutes a further 10 minute wait ensued, seemingly because the staff member assigned was "just starting her shift": luckily a nearby seat had become available by then. This wanton disregard of commitment to delivering promised mobility service to the disabled is troubling.


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Your comments are probably best directed to VA customer service, rather than making yourself feel better by having a whinge here trying to garner sympathy.

Forgive me but I had the notion this is a place for community comment. For sharing experiences. For freedom of expression that may alert others in a similar situation. I have stated facts I consider to be helpful and fair comment. I disagree with your uninformed assessment of my motive.

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I agree with Tommygun.

This is a Business Traveller Forum and he was affected by an Airlines Business Class Service failure and has every right to let others know of his experience . He should also contact VA about this. I have travelled with my sister ( who needs a wheelchair ) in VA J class on many occasions and have never been let down . This does sound like a one of but the staff attitude needs reporting.



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This is the 2nd such thread about VA and a less than satisfactory experience using the wheelchair service, yet the OP gets negatively rated.

I find this troubling - A) very similar service issues, and B) members voting the OP's post down when it is a valid gripe.

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