Which spa treatment at the Qantas first class lounge?

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Hello everyone! A colleague has given me an invitation to the Qantas first class lounge (Sydney), and as I am 'only' a Gold QFF member this is very exciting. I'm particularly looking forward to visit the lounge's famous spa and wondering what spa treatments everybody here likes and what they recommend?


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My only advice would be to get there early because unless you are flying in First and they call you the day before, you will find its a case of first in, best dressed.


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I go for the relaxing back massage. Very nice before a long haul flight!


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I did the Melbourne Special which was OK, not that I'm an expert on massages. On the morning I was in the First Lounge, only First Class pax who had booked over the phone the day before were getting in. It was fully booked from 8AM until 11:30 so Platinums etc were all missing out.


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Hi Anna – as luck would have it I'm currently in the Sydney first class lounge and just had my spa treatment. I always go for the facial as a way to super-hydrate my skin before the flight (plus, the facial is very relaxing). I'll actually attach a copy of the treatment menu here so you can see what's on offer.

And yes, good advice from Russell about getting in early if you can. Current spa hours at Sydney have first appointment at 8am and last appointment at 4pm, of course if you arrive at even 6am the front desk can book you in if there's a slot. First class passengers get called the day prior to pre-book, and after that it's indeed "first in, best dressed". If you're flying out on one of the A380s or around the same time as those, you might not get a spa booking because that's peak period, but for other times of the day (eg mid-morning, mid-arvo) you have a better chance.


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The harsh cabin environment on longhaul flights makes your skin very dry, so you might opt for a facial massage. They'll use a range of products that moisturise and protect skin from the surprisingly brutal effects of recycled air conditioning. Unlike a neck or back massage, a facial treatment is something you'll benefit from for the whole duration of your flight. Your skin will thank you!


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Hi Anna my wife and I both managed to get the Sydney signature massages recently which was great. I am platinum and we were flying business on a Friday midday flight. Got to the lounge early and put our names down which helped. The lounge was extremely busy with school holiday family crowd. Well done and I hope you enjoy the experience.

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Hi Anna, being lucky enough to use the First spa regularly I would highly recommend the foot massage and scrub... only 20 min but relaxing and amazing


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I always went for the full body massage when they still offered the 60 minute appointments. Based upon a Qantas First Rep's recommendation after the change, I opted for the hydrating facial and have never looked back. Not only is it more relaxing than the massage, it really does get you ready mentally and physically for the overseas flight


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+1 vote for the facial


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Hi all, I'm a QFF Gold member and am flying to London next week. That flight will get me to Platinum. Does anyone know if I can access the First Lounge as that trip will get me to platinum status? I'm not sure if I'd be travelling international again so I'd love to experience it.

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