Qantas extends Boeing 747s for Sydney-Honolulu

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I agree with Aidan. Once all the 787’s are in place, and a few additional ones have arrived, I see SYD to HNL being a daily flight, and say three a week will commence in MEL. This would bring total services a week to HNL to ten. Maybe the A330 will take place of one of the 787’s.

Exactly there is no premium carrier direct MEL-HNL.

Only Jetstar does this flight, I’m sure Qantas has done the sums to see if this makes profitable sense.
I would take PE Qantas over Jetstar ‘business’ (on this Jetstar flight later this year).
However lie flat direct to Melbourne = take my money.
The whole not having todo Sydney customs then Amazing Race to board the Mel flight, is a huge plus.


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We always liked the J on the 747 in the bubble, about 16 Mk11 seats, stacks of room and storage, one loo exclusivly for this cabin, own galley and two attendants, hard to beat.


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Yes Booked for August and shows 747. I'm hoping it goes back to A330 before then but not holding my breath.

no you dont if you are flying in J


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This is a tourist route primarily so the reliability issues of an older aircraft are arguably less important - might actually be a good fit for the ageing birds.


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I see some converts to the 747 in the comments above. She far exceeds the capacity of the squeezy new little 787 nightmare flight. The latter uses less fuel but has to make more journeys. Qantas needs the Boeing 777 with the new technology and the old passenger capacity.

anthony watts

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I do wish they'd been around a few years ago. Living in Calgary (for my sins) westjet PE yyc to hnl then pe to Australia would have been faster and more cost efficient than via dfw or lax....


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Why would this route go back to anything other than the A330 when the 747s retire? The A330s have the same sized economy cabin as the 747. The 747s have more premium seats but those only seem to be filling due to Qantas’ sharp pricing.


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QF could be trying to squeeze 50 years service with the B747. It is a pity they did not purchase the B748-8I for South African and South American services.


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Just updating this: we can advise that the red-tailed jumbo will be headed to Honolulu all the way through to August 29, 2019.

Any goss on whether this will be extended further ? I'm hoping they extend thru at least October


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hopefully longer ? any goss on this ?

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