Australian passport fees increasing in 2019

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And for a country that does not stamp its own citizen's passports, and yet charge so much, it a money grab for either side of the political spectrum, either Coalition or Labor.
Exit Au, use exit Smartgate... no passport stamping, and yet still pay the Aust pax movement levy, Aud$60...!!! What the...
Enter Au, use incoming Smartgate, also no passport stamping, but we then have to get the little chit of paper to hand to an ABF/Home Affairs officer, might get our moneys worth if AQIS wants to inspect our bags, but other than that, its DIY nearly all the way.
Plus have to remove glasses when getting passport done, and then probably have to remove them prescription glasses too at Smargate.
Might as well be like the proverbial hermit and not travel.
But then, passport as a means of matter of showing id, bugger, still have to have it made every 10 years.
Picking up on your glasses comment. My passport photo has me wearing glasses (issued 2010) and I've had the customs officers shouting at me to remove my glasses from across the smartgates. I just pretend i don't hear them now because i'm fed up being shouted at like a child almost every time.
Re: glasses/spectacles, I prefer to comply, if they want to pick on me, as I want to get through the immi self processing process as fast as possible.
On my first trip to NZ, at the 2nd stage smartgate, (nowadays they only have one stage, prior they had the small slip printer, which they don't now), I was made to remove glasses, that was about 2013.
After, these days, they don't ask me to remove glasses, but they probably will when my current Au passport expires in 2 years time.

I remove my glasses for the simple reason if I don’t I get rejected and then have to join a longer queue. For me it is about getting through quickly. Glasses off means faster processing.


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One thing to keep in mind our passport is valid for 10 years. A lot of other countries only issue passports for 5 years.

A lot of developed countries like US etc are all 10 years.

As is the UK. And as a slight aside, for Frequent Travellers who need / want a second passport, the UK also issues these for 10 years. I appreciate fully that not everyone needs a second passport, but for those that do if you also have to renew that every 3 years, then the costs escalate enormously. The expedited / urgent cost of a Aus passport has always struck me as amazing. In the UK for about £30 extra you can go and get one the same day!

What's more, if you apply for a renewal UK passport before the old one expires, the remaining time is added to your new one for no extra charge. Why aren't all governments doing that - especially as many of them impose the "must have at least 6 more months' validity" rule.

As of Sep 10 2018. This is no longer the case.

A spokesperson said: "To meet international guidelines relating to maximum passport validity, Her Majesty’s Passport Office no longer carries over any validity from a previous passport.

"This will ensure that people travelling abroad will be compliant with border entry requirements around the world."


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I some of the comments here quite childish. 6 months on a Passport is an International ruling & Airlines are responsible to ensure a valid passport that is 6 months or less or not to allow boarding unless one is going home. Being treated with respect on returning home after the process of lining up, stripping & being treated like cattle. On my last trip going through Smartgate & being told "welcome home" & a smile which was most welcome after traveling in US & China.

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