Travelling with a pram on Singapore Airlines business class

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We traveled to London recently with our 2 year old in J. On check in we had our pram in a brand new pram bag for protection. We were told at check in the pram weight would be taken off our allowance (not that we would use 90kgs). Has anyone with infants had this happen to them? And also they cracked the pram bag but no come back as we had to sign a waiver if it got damaged no responsibility.


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As a child, every one of my strollers (bar one) was broken by SQ. While I do feel it is unfortunate and agree it is not a good look, I cannot say that I am surprised by what has happened to you.


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Couldn't you claim it on travel insurance?


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I would think that as long as the pram wasn’t damaged then the pram bag did it’s job. Like Sid said I would see if you could claim it on insurance.

We have travelled a lot with SQ in J but we took a travel pram which we could use as cabin luggage so that we didn’t have to check in a pram and leave it to the mercy of automated sorting systems and baggage hand


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Their website says that strollers that have to be checked in will not be included in the luggage allowance, so I suspect the check-in staff simply made a mistake, however since this had no material affect on you I'm not sure why you would complain about it... The waiver is unrelated. Many airlines ask you to sign these for almost anything other than a suitcase.

In any case, it's often much easier to take it with you to the door of the plane, leave it on the airbridge to be taken by hand to the aircraft, and returned afterwards to you at the door on arrival.


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We found QF had much more generous allowances for infants compared to SQ when relocating to UK recently. Travel cot, car seat, pram bag all checked in and made it to LHR in good shape.


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The last time we traveled with a pram we took it right to the gates then the staff put it in the hold. 4 flights no issues


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@watson374 - you clearly have better recollection of your infant travels than I do!! On a more serious note, it shouldn’t count against your allowance if checked in. In my (adult) experience of flying with a stroller (for the heir to the debt) I’d suggest that a proper carry case is ideal. It may be worth specifically checking the terms of your travel insurance to ensure it does cover damage. Also, given the outrageous price some pay for strollers now, it is probably worth making sure they are listed at actual value.


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I have a question please about travel insurance in Singapore....

Have you ever tried this one ?

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