Transferring with baggage at Heathrow

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I'm hoping someone on the forum can give some advice.

I've booked a Qantas Reward First class seat with BA from Hong Kong and arriving into LHR (T5) at 0530, and a connecting BA flight to Marseille at 0720 with cash. Prior to making the booking I contacted BA and the agent advised to make both bookings and then call back to link the two so bags can be through checked, and as the flights are more than 90 mins apart it wouldn't be a problem.
Now when I call to link them they say it can't be done as they are on two separate tickets. This time a different agent said there is no guarantee of through-checking bags and if you need to re-check them at LHR you might not have enough time. But she wasn't particularly helpful and didn't resolve the issue.
Do forum members have any thoughts on this? Is through-checking bags likely from HKG-MRS, and if not, is 110 mins enough to clear immigration, collect and re-check bags and get to Terminal 3?
I'm QF Gold / OW Sapphire if that is of any benefit



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There is enough time (but the queens can be horrendous for arriving at Heathrow) but have them checked through at check in (being first class helps). You might try again and say you were advised thus and so na they do you a favour or try Qantas.


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The problem will be BA.

They infamously won't through-check on separate tickets any more. Not even BA to BA. Not even when it's impossible to book the tickets any other way - eg a combination of an award ticket and a revenue ticket.

I did read somewhere that on that last point, they have relented. But when I tried it a few months ago, I still got a no. And phone calls by BA check-in staff (who really tried to help) didn't get an OK.

Your luck in HKG might be better than mine. But plan for it not to work, unfortunately.

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I have found the problem to be with Heathrow full stop. Every member of my family have had issues with transfer of bags with connecting flights at Heathrow, to such an extent that we all now try to avoid this airport. It didn’t matter which airline we flew in with (although always transferring to BA domestic), no bags on arrival and we got the bags eventually 3-5 days later. One of the men at Manchester told us they were employed full time just to deliver late bags from Heathrow. So unless things have changed in the last four years good luck. Add to that the new rules and BA and I would be packing a spare set of underwear etc in cabin baggage. Good luck


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Thanks all, appreciate the comments.

I am going to argue my case with them and try to transfer to the earlier flight out of HKG, given they gave incorrect information I can at least try that angle.
Otherwise we'll travel with carry on only, being forced to travel light is maybe not a bad thing! I certainly dont want to be entering the UK and going through all of that, who knows how bad it will be post Brexit!!

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