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I am travelling to Kansai on Hong Kong Airlines tomorrow, being Velocity Gold member.

1. Can I get priority check in and boarding with HX?
2. I have 3 luggages outbound (and possibly 4-5 inbound), travelling on Economy with my parents who has no status on Velocity or HX. Can I get priority baggage for all bags?
3. Is there priority immigration available at KIX? Is it available for Velocity Gold member? If not, how long is the immigration queue?
4. I have a hotel booking at Izumisano that night. May I ask if I missed the last bullet train, how much would taxi cost to Izumisano Station?
5. Is there Uber available in Kansai? Is there any apps to call taxi in Kansai?
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In regards to number 1, speaking from experience there is no priority check in or boarding even for VA WP. Same probably goes for 3.


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1. According to the website, as a Velocity Gold member you are eligible for Priority Check-In and boarding.

2. If you checked them at the Priority desk, it is very likely the agent will apply the Priority tag to all the bags. If not, no harm in asking.
3. Unfortunately, KIX doesn't officially have a priority security line but often VIP services and special guests or disabled people can use a "fast lane".
4. Travel website should answer this.
5. Uber is only available in Tokyo and even then is only a taxi-hailing app. Any other questions on transport should be easily answered through travel websites.

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izumosano is a regular local train station, not a shinkansan station. it is very close to kix. taking a cab wont cost much

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Just on priority check-in, it's been open to Velocity Silver members and above since the middle of last year - you just join the business class queue, and if they have any doubts, there's a folder behind their desk that lists all the benefits for Velocity members by status, so they can look them up and confirm the rest of your benefits.

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I did have a bit of trouble with Priority check in at Taipei, as the check-in agents are not Hong Kong Airlines staff and Eva Air staff (Hong Kong Airlines metal, Eva Air codeshare). They clearly were not trained for this. They kept trying to tell me Virgin is not a Star Alliance airline. It took them a bit to understand that Virgin has an agreement with Hong Kong Airlines. But they still didn't tag by bag priority. Virgin really should bring this up with Hong Kong airlines to fix.

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