• Can you use dragonpass single use passes (IE. The telegraph ones) + $20?

  • The TSA has always checked protein powder in hand luggage (I always take it through and always have hand luggage only and have always had it checked / tested). So what is the difference?

  • If it was dual branded, it would have to be available for all VA international ops - including trans-tasman. It would suddenly become a crowded lounge.

  • AirAsia lounges are bad. Limited food and soft drink, alcohol is extra cost. At KLIA2, I'd rather go to the capsule hotel than any of the crappy lounges. Back in my days of flying AirAsia a lot, that was my go to. 

  • I used this lounge on the weekend.It's a great lounge.Made to order noodles and egg waffles.Reasonable (although no means the best) selection of food.The best showers of any lounge ive used (well except for the fact t the shower head is a wierd height).The main area overlooks the escalator (and f...

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  • Yes. I had same experience as the above poster with baggage not carrying over on a flight from Vegas to LAX. Took AA like 45 mins to sort out - was a joke.

  • My coach was denied entry as they were a non-rev Virgin passanger.I felt guilty leaving him out in the terminal.

  • Originally Posted by ChrisCh You mention that the only reason you're flying hours in the wrong direction is to make use of lounges because you have Velocity status. Something like a Priority Pass card could instead provide you with lounge access with any airline, and often, to many of the same l...

  • I'd go Virgin.The House in Melbourne is better than Singapore lounge in Brisbane (a la carte breakfast and Barista coffee for VA flight to Hong Kong) vs buffet in Kris Flyer.Club Autus is a top notch lounge. while the Changi lounge is pretty poor. Not sure what the KrisFlyer lounge is like in H...

  • Questions re Hong Kong Airlines

    Jan 19, 2019, 07:18 AM

    I did have a bit of trouble with Priority check in at Taipei, as the check-in agents are not Hong Kong Airlines staff and Eva Air staff (Hong Kong Airlines metal, Eva Air codeshare). They clearly were not trained for this. They kept trying to tell me Virgin is not a Star Alliance airline. It took...

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