Using electronics during take off and landing

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Hi all

I was flying on a Qantas flight the other day from Canberra to Melbourne. As I do with all my other flights, I was watching TV on my Surface Pro. I have been using this device for over a year. On this particular flight, the flight attendant told me that I couldn't watch it during landing as it was too big. I was a bit shocked as I had used it during take off, but more importantly I had been using it for those purpose for over a year. One of the reasons I bought the device was because I had seen others using them on flights. It is bad enough that these devices cant download the Qantas Entertainment app, but when I cant finish my Netflix show or whatever during landing makes it all the more annoying.

I am curious if others use tablets of a similar size during take off and landing or was this a one off of an overly officious flight attendant?

Thanks :)


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Qantas consider anything larger than the safety onboard card (so an A4 sheet of paper) too large to hold for takeoff/landing and ask it be stowed



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I have been asked not to use my larger tablet on take off and landing, A4 size seems to be the standard.


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I suggest detaching the keyboard so it looks like just a tablet, they would see the keyboard and just register it as a laptop (which it is)


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You have never been allowed to use the Surface Pro on take off or landing in tablet mode. I see at least 3 people each week get told to stow them away, same with iPad Pro 12.9s. OP your luck ran out and you were finally caught!


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That electronics policy seems as consistent as the onboard luggage policy.


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Depends on the crew - but as others have suggested, anything larger than the safety card is too big.

That said, it does depend on the crew on the day (and how on the ball they are - if it's a quick 'cabin secure' during turbulence, often they will miss it in order to get to their own safety/seat). Also depends on the CSM - I've noticed some of them (particularly out of BNE), tend to be on the ball and announce it. A fussy CSM can mean a normally chilled FA can turn into a fusspot too.


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I used to travel with a corporate laptop. The need to stow the thing during takeoff and landing was always a pain. I switched to a normal iPad Pro with keyboard. I don’t need to take it out for most security situations, it doesn’t need to go above and aside from it being a little clunky it provides the same functionality. It also helps as I got sick of carrying a laptop around Sydney and Melbourne between meetings.


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I travel with an iPad Mini which I purely have for airline travel. Allows me to read a book or watch my movie everytime. That said, I recall a Rex Airlines flight a few years ago where I was asked to put my physical book away during takeoff/landing!


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what were you watching on netflix?

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