• Cant work out how to edit - but ANG did order 4x 737-MAX just before they got grounded - this could be a good alternative perhaps.

  • Port Moresby - wonder if Air Niugini would look at it to replace the F100 or even in place of a 767 for POM-BNE/SYD etc.

  • I'm fairly regularly through this lounge and always find it a good stop. I managed to visit the new downstairs section on Saturday just gone for the first, the extra space was nice for that time of morning.I recently visited Air NZ lounge in CHC domestic and was blown away with the selection of f...

  • Staff travel: who 'owns' the points?

    Apr 02, 2019, 08:32 AM

    Agreed, its a business expense for the travel and most businesses would either be charging a customer for travel or beneifiting from training/networking etc from sending the employee in the first place (hopefully) - so let the employee keep the points just like you let them keep the shampoo in th...

  • As someone who regularly flies POM-CNS this is a very welcome move. Nicely done Qantas.

  • Yes you get soft landing to gold. Thats standard.As for buying Platinum - best to ring and ask them I've heard.

  • Yes you can use the Reef Lounge in International. Domestic is a separate terminal and wouldn't be very practical, especially given customs/immigration etc.

  • Damn. I just booked NZ tickets on QF last week. Seems I will miss this.

  • Airline Status vs Hotel Status

    Mar 26, 2019, 01:02 PM

    I found this out recently also. I do a lot of bookings through Booking.com and found Hilton and Accor wouldn't credit the system. Pain really.

  • I travel with an iPad Mini which I purely have for airline travel. Allows me to read a book or watch my movie everytime. That said, I recall a Rex Airlines flight a few years ago where I was asked to put my physical book away during takeoff/landing!