Retaining Platinum: can I use points?

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  • I've been Qantas Platinum for the last four (4) years.
  • My current membership year ends on 31/8/20
  • I won't have enough status credits (SCs) to retain Platinum and probably won't even have enough to get Gold.


  • 1. I've heard that even if I don't get enough SCs to reach gold, I'll drop back (from Platinum) to Gold. Is that correct? If yes, is it correct 100% of the time?
  • 2. I've heard some people have been able to “buy” another year of Platinum using frequent flyer points. Is that correct? If yes, does it apply to anyone who was previously Platinum? Or is it discretionary? How many points would it cost?


  • I'm now living in London so I'm accruing points mostly with British Airways but won't have status probably for another year.




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In answer to your questions you will most probably be given gold next year but note nothing in this world is a 100% guaranteed. The going to platinum with points depends on how close you are. If you are within 100SCs then possible but with quite a lot of points. You seemed to suggest you won't have enough for gold so in that case the answer will be no you as you can't use points for the 700 or more SCs you will need. Note if you are in London then do note you need four trips on Qantas metal, i.e a return trip to Australia, to qualify. The other option is to ask BA for a status match.


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Yes you get soft landing to gold. Thats standard.

As for buying Platinum - best to ring and ask them I've heard.


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They'll likely off you a retain for 120k points. I chose not to go with it and use the points for a business flight instead. As a tip, if you are going to do the same, get the reward flight booked while platinum- My experience is that service standards drop heaps once you are gold.

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