Singapore Airlines Book The Cook BTC in First/Suites

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So what are the best options for Book The Cook in First/Suites if you aren't a fan of lobster?


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Kyo kaiseki.


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Kyo kaiseki.

I second that


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The Lamb Biryani is pretty good in my opinion.


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out of which port?


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Can’t go wrong with any Book The Cook meal.

The quality is top shelf for everything.
I’ve had a number of such meals and all were excellent.
I say go for your favourite meal - not just the name.
I love lobster thermidor however so does everyone and I can only imagine the amount of lobster one might end up with in the meal which is the top choice of all.
Hence I didn’t order lobster.
I ordered what I like to eat.
One a flight from SIN to LHR I ordered baked lamb chop.
A few hours into that flight I had eaten so well in the lounge at SIN I felt I couldn’t eat another crumb.
I was offered the meal several time subsequently with the same response.
Finally I was told we were two hours from landing and then was my last chance,
I Agreed.
The meal was mouth wateringly tender and full of natural flavour - as tho the chef had prepared it immediately before being served.
So that’s my take on Book The Cook.


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Had the NZ rack of lamb last month and it was the best lamb I have ever had (albeit it was after a few glasses of Krug which may have impaired my judgment). Wife had the kyo kaiseki and i thought it was pretty average.


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I had the Spiny Lobster a couple of months ago, from Paris to Singapore and it was really good. 2 Generous portions of lobster, enough for me to give some to a companion! The Lobster Thermidor I booked from Singapore to Paris was not as good.

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