How to check the seat configuration

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I'm planned to book a roundtrip from BKK-HKG in business due to work, however, over 90% flights on the booking system said "333", which is complicating due to 333s have both longhaul and regional business class installed.

Is there any way to find out the seat configuration or to determine the seat types for a particular flight?


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Have you tried ExpertFlyer ?


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Assuming this is for Cathay, it's a bit hit and miss as they tend to run both the longhaul (flatbed) and regional (recliner) seats on this route. You can try expertflyer or even do a dummy booking up to the seating page, but Cathay intra-asia routes tend to have sporadic equipment changes, so you won't know for sure until you check in on the day!


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Check Expedia and do a mock booking. Then you can "Preview availability". Of course don't forget that last minute aircraft changes can still occur.


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If you're flying CX, then they do fly their A350 to BKK a number of times a day. They are all configured with long haul. Be sure to check the flight, while showing a CX flight number, isn't operated by its sister Cathay Dragon. Those aircraft are configured with regional J class.

If you're flying TG, they use A333 and 77W. The Boeing is fitted with a much better J product. Moreover, sometimes TG will fly their big bird between the two cities, though this is rare and fitted with the same J seat as their B77W.

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