• The denied entry to airside via T1/2/3 was by an ICA agent (as they scan your BP before allowing you to proceed).

  • Has anyone tried this "stamping/endorsing" system successfully? When I attempted to clear immigration in T1/2/3 for my CX flight a few months back, I was advised that even with endorsing (as per the CX checkin desk at the Jewel) this would not be possible. This is because they scan your BP on ent...

  • Have an upcoming trip on CX and would like to upgrade using AM points, however, currently have my QFF number on the trip as I would like to earn QFF points and SCs. Any idea on how I can request and upgrade using AM points?

  • Great opportunity to redeem points for newly released PE seats for those who have reward seat availability an issue over the busy mid-Dec/Jan period!

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  • Wondering if anyone had any ideas re: QF Status Earn on a Jetstar Business Max BundleHave a upcoming flight from Hong Kong to Melbourne (via Singapore)I understand I will be able to receive SCs at Business rates for the Singapore to Melbourne leg, but just wondering if i'll still receive Business...

  • No secondary screening in Hong Kong, but still the case out of Bangkok

  • How to check the seat configuration

    Mar 01, 2019, 12:28 AM

    Assuming this is for Cathay, it's a bit hit and miss as they tend to run both the longhaul (flatbed) and regional (recliner) seats on this route. You can try expertflyer or even do a dummy booking up to the seating page, but Cathay intra-asia routes tend to have sporadic equipment changes, so you...

  • Qantas Sydney-Perth Boeing 747s

    Oct 25, 2018, 11:05 PM

    Haven't been able to catch any of the 747s flying between sydney and perth just yet, but have noticed that they seem to have dropped off the roster! Any one have any idea if they're going to be back on this route in the foreseeable future? or have I just missed the boat completely :(

  • Yes you do, as per OW lounge access rules.

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