Business Class upgrade via Asia miles & QANTAS PLATINUM

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Hi all, little bit of a complicated question here. Currently living in Singapore 🇸, I’m a platinum member with QANTAS and I’ve booked a one way flight from Singapore via HK to Toronto with CX. Would love to have booked with QF but they don’t have that route and wouldn’t allow me to put a QF or rewards flight for this route.

I have 200,000 points I can transfer from my Singapore credit card to Asia miles (remembering I’m a qf platinum and no status with Marco Polo, however they are both one world.)

My flight is “waitlisted” for the upgrade but I’m affraid if I transfer my points to Asia miles, the request isn’t going to be met and then I will essentially loose all of those points. I’d like to tell CX that I’m an emerald one world member but I’m not sure if that would influence them to open up a seat or not.

Has anyone had any experience with this type of situation before or can suggest any hacks that might work? Thanks in advance.

PS: moving to Toronto so unlikely I’ll fly with CX after this.



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They can see you are emerald by virtue of your booking. It may be worth but you won’t know until the day before. It is always a gamble as the flight may be packed. Worth seeing what you can do with them if it doesn’t come through.


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Just wait until your waitlist is confirmed and then transfer the points. They usually give you at least a few days to call and finalize the confirmed upgrade.

Otherwise using Cathay points to fly from the US/Canada to europe is good value. Much lower taxes and fees than BA.

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