Qantas Airbus A380 Refits - update?

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Hi All

I’m going to be doing two trips to the US from Melbourne in October and November and will be in economy, premium economy and business at various points.

I’m looking choosing seats but it has crossed my mind that the refitted out A380s are supposed to start flying from October. So my questions are:

1. Does anyone know if Mel-LAX is likely to see the refitted our planes in October November? If not then no worries with the rest, but if so ...

2. For economy I always book in the upper deck section. If I get a refurbed bird the those seats will no longer exist. Am I best to secure a good seat downstairs (and if so what are they!) or is Qantas likely to be nice to people who are displaced and maybe leave us up there?
3. PE it should be much of a muchness so not concerned.
4. For business the 1-2-1 would be great and I’m sure they’ll fit me in somewhere, but is there a plan out there that is publicly available? I’m concerned that 12A might be close to a galley or toilet in the new set up.

All first world problems I know, but keen to get insight from anyone out there “in the know”.



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Hi Steve: Qantas hasn't yet revealed any schedule for the refurbished A380s, nor even a seatmap – but as soon as we have something official on this, we'll share it :)


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If it is anything like the J upgrade for the QF A330s, then don't hold your breath.



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They put the refurb program back a couple of months to start in July as I recall, so I suspect it will only be one or at best two planes done come October. Sydney London may get first dibs, and then Sydney LA.


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The planes tend to get rotated between multiple routes to avoid leaving them on the ground too long so I expect the first refurbished plane would be used on multiple routes. QF needs 3x A380 to run SYD-LHR flights so even if it was used exclusively on that route there would only be a 1 in 3 chance of getting a refurbished plane at first on the SYD-LHR route.


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Thanks folks :)

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