Air Force One at Canberra: when & where to see it?

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Does anyone know any times, spotting locations of Air Force One's arrival into Canberra on Wednesday the 16th of November (next week)?

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I wouldn't be surprised if there's extra security in place that bar the usual locations for getting a peek at the aircraft. I'm sure you know how jumpy the Americans are about security...


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Has it been advised if AF1 will be landing at / housed at Canberra Airport or RAAF Fairbairn? I'd have expected the later as this is already set up for far tighter security than a commercial airport, although of course, Fairbairn is pretty much the opposite side of CBR.


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Fairburn and CBR are, like you say, the same airport (same runways, taxiways, services etc). I would expect AF1 to be on the Fairburn side, if not because of its VIP status then simply because the space doesn't exist on the commercial side with the ongoing work and regular ops. 


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Air Force One arrives at 3.25 on Wednesday.. Air Force 2 coming as well. Already a C17 and Galaxy through CBR. The last time a POTUS came, in the end there was 4 Galaxy flights. AF1 and AF2 and a United 777 for media from memory. They took Bush out through the gate near where office blocks are now on Majura Road.  

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