• QF73 back to 747.. Alan Joyce to take no further pay until the end of FY20. Hope he'll be okay. The airline has been actively seeking international cabin crew voluntary redundancies for the last two weeks. As an aside today's QF25 has just 84 pax.

  • 5000 SC for Platinum One each year.

  • QF just doesn't seem to have any interest in flying international routes from CBR. And they have ruled out JQ coming to CBR. But NZ would be a better fit. Few days a week to AKL. A one stop to all those destinations mentioned above. And to ORD as well if the speculation is right with President Ob...

  • Flew back on the QF96 arriving Tuesday. It was the first flight using biofuel for QF from the states to Aust. Aside from a couple of announcements it was all very low key.

  • So Dec 1 4 times a week for 55/56. So that means it can do a new US route 3 times a week.

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