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Hi all,

I have just passed a couple bank issued lounge passes to friends who are flying out on Jetstar from Perth T1 International. When linking the pass, the only option is to link it to the domestic Qantas Club Lounge. Is this a glitch in the system? Or can lounge passes not be used at the T1 Qantas lounge? I understand that Qantas doesn't fly out of T1 anymore and the lounge is for partner airlines. However I would have thought you should still be able to use the passes to access when flying Jetstar.

Does anybody have some insight into this?


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QF now fly to and from SIN, and LHR from T3.

If you go to the PER airport website, you will see this.
JQ does fly out of PER T1, but if they have totally closed down the QF J lounge at T1, that means there is no lounge there anymore.
I passed PER airport the other day, and didn't see any signs of QF at all at T1 PER checkin.
Don't think that JQ counts as a major, when it comes to lounge access, sure they (QF) would not let that single lounge pass be used with any lounges that are not theirs, even thought the pass is from a bank.
I have tried the QP at PER airport, about 3 years back, not bad, of course, not as flash as the J lounge.
There is a free PER terminal shuttle, so if your friends really want a lounge, they could (yes, its a pain in the bum way), is to drop off bags for the JQ flight, go over to T4 by the bus, have a bit of time in the QP, and then bus back.
The last time I passed T1 secure zone, ie inside immi and customs, was in 2013, when QF still flew from T1 PER - SIN.
Sorry for the waffly.
Edit: had a look, on the PER airport website, there is still a Qantas lounge at PER T1 secure zone, maybe the airport hasn't changed the map since QFi moved to T3.

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Andrew Barkery

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A further look sees that there still "seems" to be a QFi lounge at T1, but access for JQ customers is as below.
There could be several reasons why you wouldn't be able to link the passes to their QFF account.
Maybe that they are not flying JQ J.
Looks like all the flights that fly PER - DPS are 320s, ie, no J class on those planes.

Jetstar Business Max Fares

Must be travelling onwards on a Jetstar Airways operated and marketed flight in the business cabin on a business max fare.

Lounge access is only permitted in the port where Jetstar Business operates from.

No guest permitted.

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