Qantas Bid Upgrades: do they fill every seat?

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As mentioned on another site, the presence of the bid upgrade system indicates that there are sometimes business seats left over after classic award upgrades has been processed.

Let's say there are 6 business class seats left - would the sequence of events be that Qantas fills 4 seats with classic award upgrades leaving 2 tickets for sale for last minute trips, and then if seats are not purchased bid upgrades trump any "on departure" upgrade requests?


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I think the status counts as well. To my knowledge it is the points upgrades for the highest status first IF there isn't a higher status person who summitted a cash bid. For example, if there is 1 Platinum and 1 Silver with points upgrades and you summit a cash bid as a gold member, The platinum would get upgraded and then your status weighted against your cash bid and original fare compared to the Silver member. Of course, if your bid offer is quite weak, the Silver's points offer may outweigh that of the Gold member but generally, it's down to status.

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