How to find "sale" pricing on RTW

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Hi all.

I just received the Qantas email that the RTW fares are on sale until June 30. But when i click the “search Sale fares” button, it just goes to step one of the complicated OW RTW booking engine. I know from previous attempts It’s a tedious process finding what airport routes are needed, so is there any way to know WHICH dates / flights are the SALE fares? I can be flexible with dates, but how would i know if going in January (for example) saves me big, compared to going in November?


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Save yourself some heartache (and a few thousand $) and just email the guys at Qflyer for a Finnair rtw deal. Chances are they’ll be emailing you with a deal within a month or two (if not immediately) as Finnair are pretty accomodating for rtw travel even when it’s outside their sale periods.

I paid $5900 with the PER-SYD-LAX and SIN-MEL-PER legs on QF metal and one internal Euro leg (HEL-LHR-HEL) included. It’s probably the only time I’d recommend a travel agent, they’re very knowledgeable on getting the best bang for buck from your travels!


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Travel agent. Look at roundabout travel, they specialise in RTW tickets (same company who owns Qflyer who specialise in Qantas tickets, so both are probably appropriate).

Is a right PITA to do it yourself


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I agree with the above. Travel agent is the best way to go for RTW and I never use travel agents otherwise. For RTW they have way more flexibility than online booking or booking with the airline. I used roundabout travel last time and couldn’t fault them

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