New Abu Dhabi Midfield Terminal

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I'm wondering if anyone knows the status of the new Abu Dhabi Midfield Terminal, which I believe is scheduled to open by the end of the year? There is surprisingly little info in the media about this.

As a VA Platinum cardholder, I am also curious about whether there will likely be a new First Class lounge, given that it will be (I am assuming) the flagship terminal for Etihad.



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You may find these things are delayed. The new Dubai Airport (Al Maktoum) terminal)s) keeps getting put back. The various Emirates and that includes Abu Dhabi may be having cash flow issues. It should be google-able though; and if not then it becomes very interesting indeed. Think Berlin Brandenburg airport (6 years later after a 'short' delayed opening).


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Etihad has been sending out several surveys lately regarding lounge / first class lounge experience. I think they are turning their minds to what the design and features will be. Fingers crossed for something better than decent.

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