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Hello Everyone,

I'm looking for suggestions, has anyone used “The Points Trader” for purchasing Airline points? I'm not sure if it's legit and I thought I'll ask for your opinion before putting an order through, thank you.


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What quote did you get for SQ KrisFlyer miles?

Nearly all frequent flyer programs prohibit the resale of points and for certain programs like KrisFlyer, it's not even possible to transfer points between accounts.

In those cases, the points might come from someone else's credit card account which is also not allowed and usually gets flagged for name mismatch (see screenshot below).

Also look at the T&C's, particularly point G.7:

7. The sale or barter of KrisFlyer miles, PPS Value, award tickets or other benefits is prohibited and will result in cancellation of these miles, PPS Value, award tickets and/or other benefits. Members who breach this rule may also be liable for damages, litigation and transaction costs.

So in summary, points brokers are not legit in most cases and you could be risking your account and points purchased.

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Thank you very much HDawson and for providing me with those information. I was offered $800 for 30000 KF miles from “the points trader” and wanted to clarify if it's the right thing to do before I made the payment, I am glad I asked. Thank you very much.

Just a couple of questions I'm hoping to fly SQ from SFO - MEL in June 2020.

1. I'm short of about 30k miles and since my partner lives in Melbourne is there another quick way to get those Velocity points and convert into KF?

2. How's the reward availability with SQ, my friend mentioned it's very good and he was able to make bookings a month away from Travel. Is that true? I don't want to leave it until it's too late! Please suggest, thank you.


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$800 for 30,000 KF miles is poor value. FF miles/points are generally worth 1 to 1.2 cents per mile/point at most, so you would be paying 2.6 cents which is more than double the rate + you would be in breach of the T&C's.


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Have been buying Alaska Airline miles for years when they have the 40/50% free offers, J seats bit hard to find now, they have a plethrora of Int. airlines to choose from.


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Have been buying Alaska Airline miles for years when they have the 40/50% free offers, J seats bit hard to find now, they have a plethrora of Int. airlines to choose from.


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If you are converting Amex points, you can buy additional at $25 per 1000 points (best to convert straight to KF) at the time of conversion. Thats if you really need them. Not GREAT value, but if you are short points, better than paying for a J fare for the family.

I tried to reply on another of your posts, but the post disappeared. I also see that some of your threads have "last activity" dates of 1 Jan 1970 so I think there is a issue with ET.

My partner and I booked SYD-SIN in Suites and SIN-LAX in J with KF miles (167,000 miles each). We only had 1,000 points in my KF account at time of booking, and were converting the rest from Amex. The agent told us no problem, he reserved the booking/redemption for us, and sent a confirmation, and said when we had the points they would ticket the reservation. He actually gave us 8 months to ticket the reservation (see attached from SQ before anyone says not true... Although I'm not sure the png file is uploading, so I may need to edit). We booked 355 days out, saver mixed-class reward booking, and had until January 2020 for our March 2020 booking to ticket it.

If you are short miles, and know you will get them soon, see about having it reserved and ask to ticket later. We did book this on the phone, but the fee was waived as a mixed-class redemption cannot be done online.

Update: I can't seem to upload a png, jpg, or pdf...... Best I can do is copy the text from the Itinerary:

The itinerary below is a summary of your booking record. It does not entitle you to travel on the listed flight(s) unless you hold a valid ticket.

Please note that the ticket issuance time limit for your Singapore Airlines/SilkAir flights is 05 Jan 2020 1500 hours GMT, after which your booking will be

cancelled. Kindly arrange for your ticket(s) to be issued early and do take into consideration the operating hours of your local Singapore Airlines office. Visit our

website at for contact details and operating hours of the Singapore Airlines Office nearest to you.

If your booking contains flight(s) operated by other airline(s), please note that the other airline(s) do impose ticket issuance time limit(s) as well. Kindly arrange for

your ticket to be issued early.

For enquires, please contact our reservations & ticketing office.

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I have been traveling using brokered points for a while now. Personally never had any issues. We all know airlines don't like us using brokered points as they tend to be much cheaper and so they lose revenue to these brokers, hence their T&C. But heck, money is money and i guess if you want to travel hack while saving $$, you got to take some risk of your own.

There are some good brokers out there who knows what they are doing and can give you guidance on how its properly done for points to be legitimately transferred. Just do your research, look for feedbacks online. This one seem to have tons of positive feedbacks. I asked them for a quote and bought couple times recently, and they were very professional & competitive.

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