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  • Yes it is now appearing in the app, wasn't a few days ago

  • The House does not appear on the priority pass app, so I'm not sure where you're seeing this.

  • Buying Points - The points trader

    Aug 06, 2019, 07:07 AM

    $800 for 30,000 KF miles is poor value. FF miles/points are generally worth 1 to 1.2 cents per mile/point at most, so you would be paying 2.6 cents which is more than double the rate + you would be in breach of the T&C's.

  • Hmm, interesting that Qantas even handed out accomodation vouchers. I was on a Virgin Mel-Syd 5.30pm last thursday and after holding around SYD for about 50 mins, we had to return to MEL as the pilot said SYD was closed to all traffic because of the storms. So a total of 3 hours in the air to onl...

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