“Minimum points guarantee” and Status Bonus

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I'm new(ish) to Gold, so don't quite know the intricate details of the minutia (like some on Executive Traveller). One question....how come the “Minimum Points Guarantee” doesn't attract the 75% Status Bonus? There's no difference on my taking a “cost effective” QF flight from ADL to MEL as to whether I'm travelling as a Bronze or a Gold. I've taken 6 similar flights this year so far, earning 800 points each, and seemingly not attracting the 75% bonus (which would turn it into 1,400 points - or 3,000 so far this year.... Thanks in advance!


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Enjoy Gold. The answer is simply because Qantas has chosen it to be that way:

"The Minimum Points Guarantee applies per sector to eligible flights and fares on selected partner airlines and applies after any applicable bonuses for membership status and/or promotional offers have been added."


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The 75% bonus is being applied but you don't see it because even with the bonus it's less than the minimum.

The bonus is applied on the actual points earned based on distance. So in your example ADL-MEL attracts 399 points (based on distance) and a 75% bonus to that takes it to 698 points. Therefore the 800 minimum is more than you would earn if Qantas did not have the guarantee.



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The status bonus works on the long distance flights (to get you to buy more expensive tickets) and the guarantee has similar effect on shorter flights but for all so you don't go to the competitor.

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