QF Status -v- the FF number in a booking

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Is entry to the QF First Lounge at Sydney airport based on the FF number in the booking OR my actual Qantas status?

What I mean is this: I am QF Platinum flying Qatar out of Sydney. If the Qatar booking has my BA FF number (and I have no status with BA), can I still get access to the First lounge because I'm QF Platinum? Or does my QF Platinum number need to be in the actual booking?


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Should be on the booking, because they scan your boarding pass, so make sure you've got your card with you.

What you could also do is put your QFF number on your booking, get your boarding pass issued, then after you have entered the lounge you could update your BA number on the booking.


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Does the FF number need to be in the booking to get the lounge benefits? Or does my FF card suffice?

For example:

1. Remove the FF number and check in.

2. Access the lounge using my QF Platinum card.

3. Either enter the BA FF number prior to boarding OR submit the boarding pass to request credit after the flight?

Or will the lounge person need to add the QF FF number into the booking when I enter the lounge?


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I thought I'd update this with new information.

Your One World status trumps whatever FF number is shown in your booking.

By this I mean if you're Qantas Platinum, but your boarding pass has a different FF number from another airline (for which you hold no status) you still get the benefits of Qantas Platinum (One World Emerald) so long as you have your QF FF Card with you. I confirmed this by asking the lounge desks at the Cathay and BA lounges at Heathrow, and I also asked the American Airlines Flagship First check in at Chicago. All three told me I'd just need to show my QF card

(The reason for ash this is because I'm trying to achieve BA gold in the next 12 months but am still Qantas Platinum for the next 12 months. Unless QF do a double status points promotion I won't be able to retain platinum).

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