More AMEX Reward program changes?

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Has anyone else been getting surveys from AMEX asking about how you'd react to changes in the Membership Rewards program?

I've had two in the last month or so; Asking questins about using point for purchases in stores in real-time, getting points bonuses when making big redemptions and getting points advances if you are just a few thousand short.

Most interstingly though was a question about paying a premium to earn DOUBLE points (presumably that means up to 4.5-points per dollar) in an 'elite tier' of the Membership Rewards program. Depending on cost, this would be useful. It would effectily negate the recent reduction in airline transfer rates.

Interested to know if anyone else has got any surveys like this. It certainly seems AMEX are thinking about changes, and perhaps responding to customers displeasure about the Membership Rewards devaluation earlier this year.


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Platinum Charge Card user - not had any surveys recently.

These surveys are used heavily to gauge sentiment and what members value. In the most recent survey I completed I was ambivalent about the points earn changes, but ticked off about benefits changes like dropping Accor Platinum

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