Emirates Business Class - Terrible passenger experience

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Very disappointed with our last Emirates Business class flights - EK146 Amsterdam / Dubai & EK 404 Dubai / Singapore.

Shortly into the flight my partner and I were asked for our dinner orders - there were 3 main course selections but we were told that only one was available due to heavy demand for the other two. I spoke with the CSM and she advised that one of the crew members would change their selection to enable me to have the dish I wanted.

I thought this was rather strange that cabin crew had preference / priority over full fare paying Business Class passengers ... even considering there were quite a few vacant seats in Business.

On the second flight, exactly the same problem. Only one main meal choice left. We had no option here. Sadly we were advised that the desert selection was not available and that they had run out of cheese platters. Not good enough Emirates! Very poor catering.

This all added insult to injury as our entertainment systems on both flights didn't work ... despite being re-set multiple times. The remote screen that sits in the cradle would not eject for the entire flight and my partners screen had the message saying - remote screen is not charged - leave screen in cradle. This message was still on the screen after 6 hours of flying.

I did lodge a formal complaint via the website and on both flights the CSM said the matter would be reported and I would receive a response ... this has not been the case!

My business has a substantial annual travel allocation and I have always had a pleasant experience on Emirates ... but next time, my corporate spend won't be wasted on the terrible service we experienced with Emirates.


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Great. Well done for having a rant. What are you expecting other contributors to do? Tell you how sorry they feel for you? You get great flights and not so great flights in life. But what's your point? Apart from trying to persuade everyone how important you are in influencing your corporate spend to another airline

You've maybe got some reasonable gripes, but if you're just going to complain then expect little sympathy.

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Unusual for a Middle Eastern airline to run out of desert ...


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Originally Posted by DrSK

Unusual for a Middle Eastern airline to run out of desert ...

I hadn't spotted that, I think this is my favourite reply on this site!! Made me laugh - a lot!

Rod H

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GBS Flyer has very valid points so I don't understand why some replies try to belittle his/ her post!

He/ she paid Premium Prices for his air fares so should expect Premium Service , what's wrong with that!!!

Emirates offer the Premium Service and in this instance completely failed to deliver so GBS has every right to air his/her dissatisfaction.

This is a FORUM where people are encouraged to share their Business Class experiences GOOD or BAD and that's just what he / she has done.

Those who are belittling the post need to grow up a lot and use common sense and not vitriolic diatribe. Any replies should always be constructive but not just belittling.

As for the statement that they have a large Corporate Account is not bragging IMOP but illustrates that EK should have responded to the complaint but not having done so will lose their Business. A very reasonable statement , not big noting it but simply saying what will happen. No Airline can afford to disregard this type of complaint as it's the surest way to lose Business.

I too have had very bad experiences for myself and family of 8 all of whom travelled EK Business and were appalled at the very poor service. Took me months to get a reply and the reply was completely unsatisfactory.

EK has lost us and it's SQ or QR for us .

Good on you GBS Flyer for telling us what you experienced!!!!!


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Hi all.

I have learnt from experience, that always, 100% of the time if you cant rebuke a comment with calm logic or experience then you attack the person.


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If anyone is having a 'rant' here Ourmanin its you and a needlessly aggressive one that contributes nothing of any value.

Totally out-of -place on an executive airline forum


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I agree with Rod. If you pay a premium for a premium product you expect to get that premium product.

I have also experienced similar disappointment with Emirates (and other airlines). I don't fly those by choice, nor does my family nor my employees on business travel. The only time I end up on one of these is when the route is a monopoly or for scheduling purposes.

If we don't share our experience how can others make an informed decision? And if, by sharing our experience, we influence others, isn't that a good thing? That's why people complain on Twitter, right?


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Having tested all Emirates cabin products, I have found Emirates to be an over hyped and overrated. There are other airlines who have better all cabin products regardless of class flying in.


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EK is hit and miss too often. Have had great experience in Y and terrible in J and vice versa. We are all human and stuff happens so just sit back order another glass of wine and enjoy.

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