Return to FIFO, booking + status run ideas?

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Hey all I need some help, I used to do FIFO work many years flying in and out of Aus(work) to Asia(R&R), I own a condo In Thailand but I have been working and living locally without flying anywhere for ages. I have long lost my gold status' with QF and SQ. I may possibly go back FIFO work early next year, But this time out of BNE, I will almost certainly fly to BKK 90% of the time.

I have been out of the Frequent flying loop for a while but years ago I used to sometimes do reverse bookings that originated fares in BKK-PER return, I used to score decent MH fares in business and I frequently utilised AS miles to also fly Cathay originating from Aus. I always tried to fly premium for comfort but mainly did that with miles/points, but realistically and honestly the majority of my flying will be in economy

If I return to this after Xmas I would have plenty of notice to book ahead for my flights, which will be out of my own pocket. Plus I will have more time, as my old rosters were shorter turn arounds than this one. New roster would be a 2/2, So to achieve status, eseentially I won't be bothered to fly a little further or out of the way initially as a I have more time,

I prefer to always fly SQ, I still have 90k miles sitting there so I wouldn't mind building on that and re-commence flying with them, After looking online and on google flights I was thinking to jump on 2x return Premium economy tickets SIN-EWR which at $1800aud was the best price and best mile/$ value, Plus I want to go to NYC, I could simply do 2 USA trips in my first 2 swings, I was looking at origintaing fares in CMB and even some other ones I could try in J to get me upto 50k quickly but the PE flights originating in SIN are decent value.

Yes I'm aware of VA double status promotion but I won't book anything until I secure the job so I will miss that.

Do the kind people here have any suggestions to help me get some better deals originating my flights to get me going between BNE-BKK and vice versa until I'm steady and back into the mode myself, Can you also suggest other ways I could fly between the 2 and/or achieve status through someone else in the initial stages. I noticed China Airlines has some very affordable and good connection economy fares too, I'm open to any airline or suggestions and honestly status isn't overly critical or Important If I can frequently redeem premium tix, but I do have the enthusiam and legs in me to go out of the way a bit here and there to build up some status or miles.

Thanks in Advance.


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If you have a usable amount of points with SQ, it would be crazy to lose them if they expire. So use SQ in your case. Or better yet, considering your trips to NYC, build your status with VA and transfer your SQ points to VA. Note that you do lose some points in the transfer exchange rate though.

You earn points and status ok. Just that the earn rate is a bit better with SQ directly but needs proper comparison.

Either way I'd stick with VA myself as it's easy. BNE to USA is easy choice to go Virgin as the other choices don't come close in comparison. Would be a pain to look at other routes.

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