Qantas A380 vs Emirates 777 to Dubai

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Is it worth flying to Sydney to hop on the A380 to the Dubai hub, or should I just get on the 777 from Brisbane? I've never been on Emirates metal before and have usually taken Qantas via Singapore. I will be in Business Class.


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Which class are you in? Y on Emirates 777 is narrower than usual due to their 10-across configuration (777s are normally 9-across). 


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Downvote this all you like but it's the truth. 


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She said she'd be in Biz.


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I would prefer to fly on the A380 any day.  The 777 planes on Emirates in business are lie flat not fully flat in a 2-3-2 configuration, meaning there is the dreaded middle seat.  Have not been on an Emirates A380, however Qantas are fully flat beds with a 2-2-2 configuration.  The A380 will probably give you a better chance of sleep.


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A380 beats 777-angled lie flat easily, but you have to decide if the extra 2 hours is worth your time. If time is not an issue, I'd go A380. Another option is to do via SYD just on the onward journey and take the direct option for the return. Of course if your EK flight from BNE to DXB is a SIN stopover, then the flight time is similar to BNE-SYD-DXB.


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Peggy, are you flying to London or is your final destination somewhere else in Europe? It makes a difference in terms of transit time in Dubai if you have to connect to an EK flight from DXB.


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I will be in Business class on an around-the-world ticket but my first destination is Edinburgh via Heathrow. I have taken this trip many times but not since the EK QF marriage. It has me a bit bamboozled, frankly, as I have no idea what to expect. Thanks for the advice. I think I may opt for the A380 as it's my longest leg and want to be able to really get some sleep. Any other comments or suggestions very much welcomed.


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I would be going to Edinburgh with Qatar, it's one stop from Australia, or Etihad


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Peggy: as you're in business class and going through to Heathrow, I'd suggest the extra time spent going from Brisbane to Sydney to fly on the Qantas A380 would be worthwhile (provided you can afford that time on both legs of your journey, of course).

This comparison of QF vs EK business class might be useful – as you'll see, Emirates' 777 business class comes in behind that of the Qantas A380 (which uses the second-generation Skybed II fully-flat seat).

You'll also be able to enjoy Qantas' international business lounge at Sydney, which is pretty much the airline's flagship business lounge – the special 'Qantas recipe' hot chocolate is just the ticket for warming up on a winter morning, and the new food spread's pretty good too.


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I would definitely fly with Qantas' A380 for a business class trip. Although their seats are narrower than most airlines, the quality of service and seat is one of a kind. The A380 is quieter and provides a smoother ride. Have a great trip!


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Hi Peggy, I am flying next week Brisbane to Amsterdam and chose the QF A380 via Sydney for 2 reasons, firstly because, as has already been mentioned here, the Emirates flight from Brisbane uses a 777 with a sloping seat, and I would much rather have a fully flat seat on a QF A380,and second, even with the transfer time via Sydney, Dubai and London the total travel time on QF is less, with a later in the day departure from Brisbane and earlier arrival mid morning into Amsterdam (at least on my selected flights). Hopefully when I get back I will remember to post again and give a trip report !


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Have you considered flying Emirates all the way? If you flew with Qantas from Brisbane to Sydney, Emirates then uses A380s from Sydney all the way through to London Heathrow. The quality of Emirates' A380 towards Qantas' A380 Business Class is far more superior in terms of inflight entertainment, service, food and beverage, etc. You will also have access to an inflight bar.

Not to mention that with the new Qantas-Emirates partnership, you would be able to use all the Qantas perks as well as the Emirates ones such as frequent flyer points. 

I fly the route several times a year, and have tried all the major airlines from both Brisbane and Sydney, and by far, the Emirates A380 has the most superior product! 

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