Qantas not properly refunding taxes paid when flight booked with points is cancelled

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If you cancel a Qantas points flight check all your taxes are refunded correctly on your credit card statement.

I recently cancelled an international flight and only taxes for one passenger were refunded promptly.

It took repeated requests to Qantas and another four weeks to get the second passenger's taxes refunded.

Apparently the Qantas computer only recognises the first passenger for any refund of taxes. The whole procedure does not have any human intervention. Our Qantas points were refunded, less 6000, in a few days.

Qantas need to update their system to refund all passenger taxes and not rely on customers to check their credit card statement.

I had recorded the taxes I paid and realised the discrepancy on the credit card statement. How many slip through? It must be a good earner for Qantas.


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QF just performing at their usual level of customer service (i.e. non-existent)


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Had 2 reward bookings for june and july F to J invol downgrade due change of aircraft type with EK and BA. Took aprox 8 hours on the sms function for each booking to get the points refunded. Didnt even try getting taxes back as none of the agents could tell me if indeed there was a refund due. Total disconect with the customer after u burn the points.


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Well you are doing really well to get your points refunded so quickly. I am still waiting to receive 172000 points from flights cancelled on the 17th of January. It really is hit and miss. And to add insult to injury last week I tried to book 3xpassengers to Zurich in J class next December only to receive an error message at the end of the process. I tried again the next day - 9 digit error code again. Then I checked my credit card and found that it had been charged $2080 - twice! Took quite a while to sort that mess out but thankfully the service centre operator was able to book the flights and issue an e-ticket. The pending charges finally disappeared from my Amex last night.

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