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  • Planning USA, France, Egypt & Jordan in Apr-May 2021. Not sure if we will get there. Booking reward seats using QF points but it is the great unknown if northern summer 21 schedules will be anything like whats currently loaded on QF rewards

  • Average wait time for refund

    May 08, 2020, 12:55 PM

    Waiting for tax and surchages refunds for 5 cancelled bookings from 4 Apr

  • Qantas not offering a refund?

    May 01, 2020, 05:40 AM

    The sms is currently not in operation. Had a round world trip booked for May & June. Cancelled all sectors around 2 April. Got all points with no xxl penalty within 3 days but still waiting for the taxes and surcharges to be refunded

  • Had 2 reward bookings for june and july F to J invol downgrade due change of aircraft type with EK and BA. Took aprox 8 hours on the sms function for each booking to get the points refunded. Didnt even try getting taxes back as none of the agents could tell me if indeed there was a refund due. To...

  • Thanks Brandon. Very much appericiated

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