Once travel resumes, where will you be headed?

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There's finally some light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel! With talk of travel restrictions easing, state borders and international bubbles opening up, what destinations are on your radar? What trips are you looking forward to?


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I'll kick this off with my own plans.

* A long weekend in the Hunter Valley or a long weekend in Melbourne: yeah, I know, heading into winter isn't the ideal time to visit Melbourne but all the same, it's an easy getaway, and if the weather is agreeable I might hire a car and visit the Great Ocean Road; or a longer weekend, or even a straight week, in Perth – a few days in the city, then down to Margaret River.

After that, it really will depend on what international destinations open up, and when. As much as I'd like to pop over to Queenstown, it could be a bit chilly to visit NZ. Noumea is a favourite destination for me. Further afield, would love to get up to Singapore or Hong Kong before the year is out.


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Here in WA waiting for Cocos Island to lift restrictions on travel - previously voted best beach in Australia. And also to support VA as they they only ones that fly there twice a week still :) we were also due our honeymoon to Mauritius back in April which is all booked and paid although postponed, ready to go as soon as international restrictions lift. Open to NZ getaway if the this travel bubble opens up.

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Agree with Dan22; I drained all our Velocity points before redemptions were blocked, but Virgin flights to Cocos Keeling was what I was planning on using them for. That option looks even better now that international travel is out the window for the foreseeable future.

Sydney/Melbourne/Canberra to Broome over the winter could be great to defrost. When it's 12 C in Melbourne & Sydney, it's 32 C there. Warmth, pool, and drinks. Direct Broome flights should be an easy sell.

What I won't do: Even though I'd like to go skiing in Australia or NZ, I just won't touch it COVID-19 is over. Skiing overseas at a big ski resort, my family got influenza-A in Jan 2019, and then norovirus in Jan 2020. Reminds me of a cruise-ship environment in terms of how rapidly I saw viruses burn through the guests. Having experienced that twice, and now with COVID-19, personally I wouldn't even risk a small ski lodge, it's just not worth it. Too close together, for too long, in too small a space, just too much contact. Hard pass.


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Planning USA, France, Egypt & Jordan in Apr-May 2021.

Not sure if we will get there.

Booking reward seats using QF points but it is the great unknown if northern summer 21 schedules will be anything like whats currently loaded on QF rewards


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I'll be heading home to NZ when this dies down to see family. I'll still be doing 3 - not just 2 - weeks of quarantine voluntarily before I see anybody because I love them.

I'd hate to pick something up on the journey to them and bring it to them. Better safe than sorry.


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Well David, as a Hunter Valley expat, I applaud your plans to head there for a long weekend, have some Semillon for me - a challenge to find where I am. My travel plans once restrictions are lifted? I will be returning home (to the Hunter) from Toronto as soon as feasible/possible - on a one-way ticket! For the record, it won't be on AC.


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It's a toss up between a Great Barrier Reef scuba trip, a Kakadu glamping trip, or an Alice Springs mountain bike trip. Fiji hopefully mid-next year


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Margaret River WA, Broome WA & Cairns in terms of Australian spots. Internationally Hong Kong, SG, Japan and UK are on my must get back to ASAP list!


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All being well with International opening up, we've got 8 years' planning done, starting with 2021 Spain/Portugal, 2022 France (Province), 2023 Channel Islands and Wales, 2024 Ireland/Iceland, 2025 France Brittany/Normandy.....roll on 2021

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Hong Kong in August please!!!!!


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I think travel internationally will cautiously and selectively open for Christmas/New Year to certain countries, as evidenced by Greece opening up for European summer. This doom and gloom atmosphere is pathetic. Imminent demise of the A380 then EK, EY and SQ are talking up A380 plans and new cabins guns blazing. 'Heard brainwashing' for the 6pm news.


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Will the gradual removal of intrastate borders within WA I've just come back from 2 nights in Bunbury, a drive of just under 2 hours from Perth, as the southern border was the first to go. I've just booked a 2 night stay in Geraldton for early July, a 1 hour flight on Qantas, as the northern border has just been removed. I booked a European trip in February with a September departure and I'm waiting for Qantas to confirm they are cancelling all September departures before I take any action. If that trip doesn't go ahead I'll probably visit family in Brisbane late this year so long as WA and Queensland remove their hard borders.


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I've got NZ flights booked (for a wedding that has been postponed) but I'll go any way and catch upi with friends.


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Already booked on QF points for Brisbane to Paris via Hong Kong in May 2021, just have to wait another 3 months until I can book the return hopefully, but QF points have waived any cancel fees for award bookings if cancelled by 31/10/2020 so hopefully in a few months we will now more about where we can go next year.

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