Fast-track at Bangkok Airport for Qantas Platinum?

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As a Qantas Platinum member booked on an Emirates flight should I get a fast-track pass to get through customs/immigration?


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Officially No.

If you were on a Qantas flight as a Qantas Platinum member it would be up to the check in agent's discretion (unofficially benefit but it does happen), on Emirates it would be unlikely unless you also have Emirates Skywards Status.

Priority immigration and security is not a listed benefit for partner airlines and is only officially available at domestic airports in Australia for QF gold and above. "Access to Premium Security Lanes is only available at selected domestic airports including Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney (T3) domestic airports".

At international airports it dependents on the airport, some airports charge the airline more for priority immigration and security. If it was a OneWorld hub airport like Tokyo they do allow OneWorld Status passengers to use priority security line.

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You can ask Emirates flight crew if they have passes. They have them for Dubai and have given them to me as a platinum flying in economy, not that it makes much difference, but they may not have such an arrangement in Bangkok but as they say ‘don't ask, don't get'.


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Bangkok Airport stopped airlines from giving out FT Passes to inbound passengers around May last year following many reports of these being traded for cash . Airlines can still issue them for passengers departing BKK . Only J or F Class Bpass will allow you to use Fast Track on arrival now , strictly enforced. So if your an elite level flyer on any airline but in economy no Fast Track. The company that runs vip arrival services will sell you an arrival package that includes a buggy pick up at the gate and Fast Track, it's called VFS . it might be worth it depending on your arrival times , lines for immigration are getting worse. Good Luck!

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BKK inbound priority no longer works on express passes. Instead, you show your boarding pass (First or Business) and you will be able to use the express facility.

That means passengers with status in Y are out of luck.


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If you are in economy and have an APEC card, or are over 70 years of age, you can access the inbound Fast Track Lane which is located between the 2 main immigration entry points.

This is also available to all Bus and 1st class passengers of airlines other than Thai. For Thai you are directed to a fast track lane just to the left of the main immigration lanes.

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