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Hello Brains Trust,

For Perth return to Ho Chi Minh there is an option of Singapore airlines out of Ho Chi Minh connecting to Qantas in Singapore. I found this unusual given the competing alliances. Does anyone know if luggage will connect through or if I need to collect and re check in?

Thanks in Advance.


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It does not matter.

Singapore Airport is one of few airports that offer luggage handling services for connecting passengers.

Even if the airlines refuse to transfer luggage, it will take you a few minutes at a transfer desk to request this transfer to be made by the airport on your behalf.


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Seriously, Singapore is just SO good with bag transfers, you never need to leave the Airport. Just go the the transfer desk of that airline and ask them to transfer the bag- they've done it for me before.

I note not every airline has this service, but I'm pretty sure Qantas/Singapore will both not be an issue.


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Qantas fares do allow Singapore Airlines on certains routes. If you are on one ticket, you and your bag should be checked through. They actally both use the Amadeus system so if not one ticket but in the same booking, will be able to see the others flight and have the same booking reference.


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That is interesting, but considering how well Perth is served by SQ in the first place and the I believe higher quality service you'd receive with them it's probably better to just book the whole thing with SQ. :-)


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Thanks everyone. Appreciate the advice.


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Flew a similar itinerary a few days ago and was checked through, no issue


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Most airlines have a interline agreement between competing alliances. As stated by others, QF/SQ has an interline agreement and baggage should be checked through provided it's booked together on the one ticket.

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The only downside is that I find when I travel with the QF/SQ arrangement is that SQ do not allow you to choose your seat. I often get stuck with a middle seat on the SQ sector to India....

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